Boost your music and gaming experience

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Life-like Experience

"Woojer also adds an extra element of sensory’s as close as I’m ever likely to get to experiencing a Spinal Tap concert"

An Adrenalin Rush

"An amazing experience, if not completely addicting. It can change how people listen to music"

Games on Steroids

“Woojer delivers intense immersion, allowing players to feel games, literally… enhances gaming like never before”

Inspired by emotion

Woojer delivers the emotion and immersiveness of great vibes that headphones alone can never achieve. FEEL the thrill of a live concert or the intensity of a battle as though you're actually there...

compatible with:

Wireless. Anytime. Anywhere.


Powerful Front & Rear Osci™ transducers


High-fidelity analog headphone amplifier


A2DP Bluetooth connectivity


Up to 8hr playtime


  • Weight: 242gr
  • Belt width: 4cm
  • Size: One size fits all
  • Connectivity: Standard 3.5mm audio jack & Bluetooth
  • Battery capacity: 2600mAh
  • Bluetooth range: 10 meters

In the box

  • One size fits all strap
  • Two 32mm Osci™ Actuators.
  • Audio cable with 3.5mm jacks
  • Micro USB charging cable
  • Instruction manual

Free US Shipping   |   30 - Day Money Back   |   1 Year Warranty