5 Best PC Gaming Websites for Downloading PC games

Believe it or not, PC gaming is a growing industry – whether it’s playing Doom or Lemmings from the 90s,  or trying your hand at starting your own family on the latest version of the Sims. Due to the the hundreds of websites available for downloading the best games, you no longer need to run down to the shops to buy one.

We’ve listed the best PC gaming websites for you to download your favourite PC games, from the classics and all the way to the latest indie games. Let’s take a look:



Price Range: Paid & Free:

As one of, if not the most popular choice, this incredible entertainment platform allows you to play games as well as connect with other users. They have a catalogue of games for PC and Mac, many of which will be available for you to play from anywhere after signing up for Steam Play; Pay once and enjoy the benefits of playing on any platform.

They have a useful recommendation system and a large variety of games in their library, whether it’s arcade or MMO. If there is a new release of a game to buy, it’ll more than likely be on Steam. They also offer refunds if you’re not satisfied with the game or have an old unwanted game. Steam gets bonus points here because this isn’t normally the case with digital downloads.

ProsLarge games catalogue, a Free To Play section and Sales! Buy your favourite titles at better prices without ever having to leave your sofa.

Cons –  Unfortunately for Steam, the only part of their website letting them down is bad customer service. It’s not that they’re rude or unhelpful, it’s just that there’s never anyone there to actually answer your questions or problems.

Still, we think this is the best PC Gaming website overall.

Origin Games


Price Range: Paid

Origin Games’ website houses all EA games in one place, with the cost being exactly the same as the games go for at retail price. Origin Games has a friends list feature if you’d like to play a multiplayer game online. With its GaiKai system, users can stream demos of games for free and almost instantly. And if you’d like something ‘on the house’ – simply click the ‘on the house’ section and enjoy free games!

ProsGames are reasonably priced with a selection of FREE games too. Website also enables multiplayer options.

Cons – Games selection is limited (unless you like to exclusively play EA games!). On the bright side, at least you know where to go if it’s an EA game you’re after.



Price Range: Paid & Free

Gog.com is organised neatly and arranges its games systematically so that you can easily find it by genre, according to what operating system you have (supports anything from Windows XP, to Mac OSX to Linux) or even by release date if you’re looking for something pre 2000 for example.

There’s a wide variety of PC games on this website and refunds available here too. Gog.com stores the classics from the 90s and eary 2000s and allows these old games to be run on new computers (by delivering them in DOSBox format). If the version of a game you downloaded has some bugs, Gog.com allows you to download an older version so that there really is nothing stopping you from playing the game you want.

Pros – A great place to find the old classics, organised in a way that makes games easy to find.

Cons – The variety of new games here is still relatively small. If you want to play classic titles of older games however, this is definitely the place to go. Let loose and explore the history of PC gaming on this site.


Price Range: Paid & Free

If you feel you’ve exhausted all of what the mainstream games scene has to offer, head over to itch.io for a vast array of indie games. There’s also a tool for those who enjoy creating games and the website offers a useful desktop app as well.

Pros Houses great indie games and new PC games that will run on Mac and Linux too. In fact, the website is organised in a way that you can browse games by price or platform.

Cons – It’s always nice to have variety and try different game genres but because of its niche market, the website caters to a very narrow and specific audience.

Green Man Gaming


Price Range: Paid[

This PC Gaming website is a good alternative to Steam, with the latest PC games available and often even at discounted prices. It has a good mix of older games and the newest releases; whether Mac or PC user, there’s something for everyone.

There is also some controversy over the Steam key issue, with some people claiming that Green Man Gaming are selling the games creators short, because they’re getting the keys from unauthorized personnels.

It’s a good website to find deals on mainstream games, but Green Man Gaming will not have the amazing libraries their competitors such as Steam or GOG.com have. Yes it’s good to shop around, but don’t let this be your only source to buy the games.

Pros Often offer sales and discount with codes that will knock 10 or 20% off the price of a game. Also, your Green Man account can be used for Playfire – a social network that allows you to connect with friends and discuss the latest games, track progress etc.

Cons – The gaming library here isn’t as broad or deep as Steam and the browsing tools are not quite up to scratch. This means the user experience isn’t as smooth sailing as it should be. You can’t search for a game by price, multiplayer, or virtual reality for example. In fact the only categories for searching offered on this website is platform or genre.

So which PC Gaming website will you choose to download your next PC game? We hope you keep playing and find this list helpful in deciding which website to use.

Try one, try two, or even better – give each one a shot!

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