Biking with music the safe way

What is biking for you?

Ever since they were introduced in the late 19th century, bicycles became a popular way to both commute and exercise. This meant an easy workout for many, embedded in a lifestyle. As cities around the globe grew and became more crowded – biking proved to be a effective way to commute. The advantages are clear: skipping through traffic jams, saving on gasoline and staying in shape.

Today, many people cycle while listening to music. It’s a great way to be entertained during the commute. But is traversing traffic with headsets safe?

High volumes can be tricky

Indeed, music while biking is great, but it poses a problem. For example, when you are riding on a busy city street, it’s critical to be aware of your surroundings. The hectic combination of  pedestrians, weaving cars together with road bumps other cyclists is a challenge. Furthermore, as a two-wheeler you are less visible and your moves are less predictable to others. All of this makes riding a bike with music quite unsafe. When you are immersed in the tunes you are not fully engaged with your environment.

According to several studies, scientists have found that listening to music while riding a bike resulted in reduced visual and auditory perception. This, in turn, lowers your stability on the bike. Moreover, many cyclists rely on their sight as the main sensory input to detect obstructions. However, sight without hearing is often misleading as we also rely heavily on our hearing. When you ride a bike, you need to key into as many warning cues as possible. If your hearing is impaired you can miss important warning signs. As the road unfolds your full attention is top priority.

So how can you ride safely while grooving down the road? Scientists have debated this for quite some time. Some experts suggest listening to music with earbuds instead of over-ear headphones. Using only one earbud is preferred, or keeping the music lower than 60 decibels for improved cycling safety. Such solutions are only partial and your overall fun is affected. You may not enjoy the music at all. And even if you follow these recommendations – is this enough?

The benefit of music while riding

Other observations from the combination of riding with music may seem contradicting at first. Music can actually boost your performance. The reason for this is similar to what we have already posted in earlier blogs. In short, your brain reacts and your physical performance is optimised and boosted according to the beat and rhythm.

All of this is the reason why, for example, almost all indoors spinning classes make use of upbeat music. With this soundtrack in the background you train better and harder. Obviously, when the bike is stationary, safety is non-issue. However, in order to safely ride a bike outdoors with blasting rhythms you need a solution. One that can help you get in the zone with music and still focus on the road traffic cues.


A new horizon of feeling music

Strap™ is a wearable haptic audio accessory. With haptic the audio is much more immersive. You wear Strap™ around your torso and instantly your body feels the beat. As such, you don’t need to pump up the volume and immediately you are more aware of your surroundings. An added bonus is that you’re not torturing your eardrums.

How does it really feel to wear Strap™? When you put it on you add a physical dimension to the music, thereby enhancing your experience. You feel the beat and therefore want to listen to the music at a lower volume levels. You don’t need to blast it because you will feel the music.

I want to ride my bike… with zero compromise.

When you add Woojer Strap™ into the mix of riding with music, fun and safety are optimized. You truly don’t have to compromise anymore: you can ride fully aware and still enjoy your music. Moreover, the haptic enhanced tunes are legitimately fun. The feeling is like a full-surround sound and it is purely addicting.

And the best thing about using Strap™ while riding a bike? You and your loved ones can be sure that you are riding in the safest way possible with music.


What is your experience riding with music on?

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