by Dror Denishman

Everyone was shaken to their bones when Jumanji, the blockbuster movie featuring Dwayne Johnson jumping into an alternate universe to explore its length and breadth, was released.

From shops to game and arcade centers, we can see glasses being worn, belts strapped, and a controller being handled by a rather scared and excited kid screaming at the top of his lungs; the use of Virtual reality has become increased as it has extended its long hands to every sector.
Extended reality is the mama bear giving her two cute cubs (AR and VR) a warm protective hug. Extended reality combines the potentials of VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality) to serve humans.

Take a seat, mount your VR headsets, grab your drink and popcorn; let's dive into a universe of possibilities where there is no limit and boundaries.


Everyone needs a little school to perform basic mental functions. A little arithmetic at Walmart and fluent diction don't hurt much.
Learning can sometimes be boring and unmotivating. Spending hours moping at the biology teacher going on and on about the human circulatory system can be a tad annoying because the concepts though fun, may be hard to visualize even for those with the wildest imaginations.

Extended reality is the virtual safari car that takes students on a comprehensive, engaging, and immersive trip into the human circulatory system. Imagine yourself making way through the human veins, arteries, and brain while you are examining each detail and how blood is pumped. Amazing huh? Gone are the days of mindlessly memorizing tons of materials without getting to see them at work. 


Surgeries can be scary, particularly for those who are new residents at the hospital. The thought of seeing a human body cut open with blood smearing their hands sends shivers down their spines.
Cutting a human being is not cutting a birthday cake; hence, one has to gain mastery of surgical procedures. How then does one become a master? Practice, practice, practice!
With Extended Reality, surgeons get to perform practice sessions on a virtual body. With this, they are better prepared to face the risks of surgical procedures.


It's the 21st century, and we all need to use different innovations to improve our lives. We would need them to cook, steam our favorite brand of expresso, and shuttle ourselves to work.
Creating physical prototypes of a potential product can be quite the white elephant- unnecessarily expensive and useless.
Why go to Rome when you can pray in your room?
Automobile engineers, for example can create a virtual sample of the car they are intending to build. With this, they can examine the color, see its unique features, take it for a test drive and make necessary connections with a headgear being strapped to their heads.


We all want to live in quality modern homes that would make visitors and friends alike stand in awe.
Drawing house plans can sometimes be rocket science as it's hard to visualize the concept.
Thanks to innovations like AutoCAD, but almost they say is never enough. Extended reality gives architects a total view and feel of the proposed building project. They can see how the house would improve the overall quality of the client's life.
XR reduces the cost of traveling in cases of meetings, consultations, and pitch sessions. An architect can move around a house, feel the gloss paint, and be exposed to premium lighting coming from the chandelier.


Fashion agencies and luxury brands are using Virtual models to market their products. Imagine a six-foot model sashaying to an upbeat pop song to the surprise of viewers.
A little bit of controversy and drama does count as publicity, right?

Designers have taken up this trend to capture the link between reality and fantasy. The cost of hiring human models far outweighs the benefits. A lot goes behind the scenes for every fashion shoot you see. Traveling costs, hostel reservations, and cost of the site - renting are some of them, and they are a bit on the high. A bit? Scrap that—a lot.

With a snap of the fingers, you can be transported to a whole new world and realm. Extended reality is the genie that grants more than three wishes, and you too and your craft can be a beneficiary of this benevolence.