Adele Returns To The Stage After 5-Year Break

by Anastasia Deripaska

Adele is back on the scene with new concerts and show delays.

Last week, Adele took to Hyde Park in London, ending her long-lasting drought of performances. The singer injured her vocal cords on tour in 2017 and had to pre-emptively end the tour.

The London performance comes after Adele canceled a months-long residency in Las Vegas where she was expected to play nearly 50 shows, disappointing fans and leaving them wondering when the singer would return to the stage.

With that return now apparent, fans were overjoyed to give Adele a warm welcome back to the concert scene.

London Concert First In Five Years

Adele’s Hyde Park performance in her hometown of London, England marked her first concert of 2022.

Her setlist covered songs from all four of her studio albums as well as a few singles and covers, ranging from “Hello” to “Rumour Has It” to “Skyfall”.

“It’s so strange to be in front of a crowd again”, Adele said to her audience of over 65,000 fans. “I get so nervous before each show but I love being up here”.

The Hyde Park concert marks Adele’s first public performance in five years. She last performed at Wembley Stadium in 2017 before being injured and taking a step back to write her new album.

Her return to the stage briefly overwhelmed Adele at Hyde Park, as she choked up during the opening lines of the concert. “My God, I’m back at home”, she emotionally told the crowd.

The recent concert was also the singer’s first since the release of her latest album “30” in late 2021. The performance included the live premiere of the hit song “Oh My God” off the album.

Vegas Plans Pushed Back

Had Adele’s Vegas residency gone through this January, the Hyde Park concert would not have been her grand return. But circumstances meant the residency had to be postponed.

In an intimate video, Adele explained to fans, “I’m so sorry, but my show ain’t ready”.

Announced last November, the Vegas residency was to include two shows every weekend between January and April 2022. Adele dropped the bombshell on fans just 24 hours before opening night.

“Half my team have COVID and it’s been impossible to finish the show [...] I can’t give you what I have right now and I’m gutted”, she stated in her video, posted to Instagram.

The Vegas shows also faced supply delays that exacerbated set-up and production issues.

Fans were divided on the delays—while many were rightly upset about the short notice and lost thousands of dollars in non-refundable plane tickets and hotel bookings, others were supportive of Adele’s decision.

Despite the shadow cast by the Vegas incident, Adele seems to be back in stride and ready for a new set of concerts moving forwards.