It all started with Google Glass, and while it might still be in your workplace, it failed to break into the mainstream. 
And for those who may not know what smart glasses are, they are wearable tech, on your eye, of course, that are able to overlay virtual worlds onto the physical. It could be recreating what is on the screen of your smartphone or just flashing up notifications.

There are a handful of Smart Glasses out there, each with some of their own unique features, but, based on popular opinion, below are five of the best. In no particular order, mind you. Enjoy.

Vuzix Blade Upgraded

Before delving into further details, it is important to note that this is the first pair of wearable technology that look like normal glasses: no flashy design or bulky strap, just plain wearable glass. The standard version was decent, but the upgraded…is upgraded; Adding in an 8-MegaPixel camera, speakers and voice control support. It has a good display, four hours of battery life, and up to 4GB of storage to do with as you wish. And even with all this, Vuzix has lowered the price of the gadget.

Microsoft Hololens 2

I know, I know. Many would say the Hololens is more of a headset than glasses. Some would even say it's both. I belong to the latter category. The HoloLens comes with a projection system that creates multi-dimensional full-color images at up to 2k resolution with low latency. Yeah, that headset-slash-glasses.It is packed with advanced sensors like Ambient light and environmental sensing cameras which can figure out the type of environment you're in. It can go as far as three hours on a single charge. With this gadget, Microsoft has almost fully shifted its attention to the workplace.

Magic Leap 1

Who names these gadgets? Vuzix Blade and now a Magic Leap. Sounds catchy.

This wearable makes use of lightfield technology, which is able to merge digital 3D graphics onto your view of the real world.It has four built-in microphones that support spatial audio and blends in sounds from both physical and virtual sources. Images are displayed at 1280 x 960 resolution per eye with a 40 x 30-degree field of view.

It has six external cameras that track your movements and position, and also a DOF controller that offers haptic feedback and the ability to track nine different hand gestures and finger movements.And a piece of news, Magic Leap 2 is on its way already.


Yet another cool name. Raptor by Everysight is a highly rated AR device.
It affords you a wide range of features, all in one package. A superb battery compared to other glasses, which last up to eight hours.
A 13.2MP front camera that would allow users to take HD pictures and videos.And a myriad of connectivity options such as GPS, GLONASS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and ANT+. T
here is also the added option of being able to switch from different visor tints depending on your mood or the weather.

Google EE 2

Fully known as the Google Glass Enterprise Edition, it is an update on the Google Glass and Google Glass Explorer.And improved it was. It has a faster WIFI connection, a faster processor, an upgraded camera, and a battery life of up to eight hours.
What more could anyone ask for?It is very lightweight, weighing only about 50grams. It also comes with a 640×360 resolution and internal storage of 32GB. It is water and dust resistant and has a multi-touch gesture touchpad.It costs a thousand dollars at the moment, but with specs as good as this, it is worth every green bill.