Artistry In the Immersive Scene

by Boaz Feldman

The Metaverse is changing everything. The way we perceive reality, altered forever. The artworld is moving fast- online, and now, contemporary art is taking on a new meaning. There have been great artists like Da Vinci, Picasso, and Michelangelo, but what would art in the Metaverse look like? Where would we view it? How would we feel it?

Many platforms in the Metaverse have now been showing off the works of different artists, and it is not what you think. Not anymore. 


Many auction houses and galleries are making a foray into the virtual world. People from far away can now view different works of artists with the aid of their VR headsets. 

But this is only possible because artists have started digitizing their physical works, bringing out a virtual copy of them. 

Right now, those with the most pull in the Metaverse are those that make video games, with a user base of over 1.5 billion people. Many artists must have known this, and during the early days of the pandemic, they began transforming their virtual homes in Nintendo’s New Horizons to galleries, using an in-game function to change photographs of their artworks into pixelated images that can now be made to look like canvasses on the walls of their houses.

Deep Fakes and Counterfeits?

Con artists have been known to duplicate works of popular artists, creating counterfeits and selling them. In the Metaverse, it's quite impossible. Artists who make their work into NFTs were quite assured that their work won't be copied, faked, or stolen.

It goes straight to be authenticated on the cryptocurrency Blockchain, and once it is, it can't be destroyed by fire or suddenly become missing. If only Van Gogh’s works were NFTs.

Meta’s Version and Vision

In the ad for Facebook's rebranding to Meta, four young people are looking at a painting. As they peer into it, the tiger's eyes in the painting flicker, and it springs to life and opens up into a 3D forest. There is a tiger, a buffalo, toucans, and monkeys in the treetops; they all start dancing to an upbeat tune. The kids dance along, too. Trees suddenly grow around them in the gallery.
Meta hopes art in the Metaverse would be immersive, art that you can get lost in. Many have lauded this as artists have started producing works like the one in the ad.