Woojer Partners with Deaf Rave to help the deaf community

Music, by nature, is a universal language. It is that one thing that has the power to speak to everyone, regardless of its language, genre, or style. Music makes an English-speaking person listen to a French song and understand the message simply through the power of feeling, or a Spanish-speaking person jam along to a Justin Beiber song word for word, without even understanding the lyrics. The great Billy Joel could not have said it better when he said “music in itself is healing. It's an explosive expression of humanity. It's something we are all touched by. No matter what culture we're from, everyone loves music”.

It goes without saying that at Woojer, we are absolutely dedicated to expressing the human spirit to the highest degree, and you would agree that it really does not get more expressive than music. We want everyone, everywhere to have immersive and transformative experiences, and this dedication is always reflected in the amazing quality of our products. With each design, each project, and each product, at Woojer, we take our mission to another level.

The Sound of Music

One thing we all consider before purchasing musical accessories is how well they sound. We think of whether the headphones have proper bass sounds or how clear the home stereo reflects the musician's voice. We prioritize the sound. But like we said earlier, music is transcendent, it deserves to touch everyone, and we are dedicated to making that happen. This is why, together with Deaf Rave, we have created a device that embodies a perfect blend of culture and tech; a product that enhances the feel of music just as much as its sound: Woojer Vest Edge.

This may startle you a little, but it is exactly as you read it; these new Vests primarily make use of vibrations and can be used by DJs and music lovers in the deaf community. This is clearly a massive step towards inclusivity in entertainment accessories, and it clearly would not have been possible without our partnership with Deaf Rave. We see ourselves as members of a tribe and community with all our customers, and with the creation of these Vests, we have shown that the deaf community is very much a part of this tribe. 

Let’s Feel the Sound

With this impressive product, members of the deaf community can also have very immersive experiences like our other customers, particularly in the world of music.
And from our end, with more partnerships and collaborations with beautiful people at Deaf Rave, you can rest assured that there is absolutely more to come!