China’s iQIYI muscles into VR headset space

by Emily Jacobson

iQIYI isn’t exactly the catchiest name for an online entertainment service, but when you’re as big and widespread as this Chinese tech juggernaut, it does not really seem to matter.iQIYI has recently gotten into the virtual reality (VR) game, and announced the launch of its new QIYU 3 headset that threatens to crash into the global VR digital entertainment market that has been so recently and totally dominated by Facebook’s Oculus brand. QIYU 3 translates into “Adventure 3”.
Its launch was live-streamed to millions of viewers across China using extended reality technology to transform an empty room into a virtual space full of cyberpunk elements and the unveiling of a number of free games that users can attach to the new VR device.
How does QIYU 3 stack up against the Oculus brand? Here are some of its newly unveiled features.

Runs on the Snapdragon XR2 platform, which is designed solely to be used with VR/AR technology.

Dual-screen design with two RGB LCDs that give a resolution of 4320x2160 and perfect 4K+ levels that show in native resolution.

The refresh rate on these screens can reach 0Hz thanks to two built-in display driver chips.

A proprietary Q-Light powered 6DoF interactive system which enables head-hand 6DoF spatial positioning and controller precision down to the millimeter.


Supported by continuous pupillary distance adjustment technology with precision up to 1 mm. It can adjust the pupillary distance from 58mm to 72mm.

iQUT future cinema, which the company boasts is the same as a 2,000-inch screen, or 20 80-inch TV screens.

A massive library of content featuring 4K 3D movies and 8K videos. 

Immersive Factory Tours

Xiong Wen, CEO of IQIYI Intelligence, said: “Our mission is to create a virtual world of unbounded possibilities for our users. We still have a long way to go, and QIYU 3 is a great start.”
The lure to get in early on the release is augmented by the opportunity to receive 30 premium games for free.
Users of the QIYU VR will also get access to premium games every month.
The first games to be launched will include puzzles, shooters, and leisure games, along with already operational titles such as Zombieland: Headshot Fever, All-in-one-Sports VR, Swarm, Mercenary: Silicon Rising, and Arizona Sunshine.
The launch event also saw the debut of the interactive VR sci-fi drama known as “Metaverse” and a VR stage performance called “QIYU Show” where users can watch and interact with virtual idols.

The QIYU 3 will roll out later in September with an asking price of CNY3,499, which is approximately US$540 for the pre-order edition.Existing QIYU users will get special members-only benefits as well.