Cinematic Invasion- “Men in Black” VR In Dubai

by Guy Frum

The Movie- 25 Years On…

Protecting The Earth From The Scum of The Universe. That was their motto twenty-five years ago.The Men in Black, popularly known as MIB, was a hit. A secret organization that protected the earth from extraterrestrial lifeforms, protecting their identity and existence from the citizens of earth. Brainwashing witnesses at any event, their very cool, very secret headquarters, plus the chemistry between Jones and Smith, it wasn’t long before it became a worldwide sensation. A 90-million-dollar movie that grossed up to almost 600 million worldwide, with one Oscar award and Three nominations.

You can now be a Men in Black Agent, complete with the suit, tie, and sunglasses. Though you’re a fresh recruit, new on the job, The Zarthanian Royal Family, crucial to upholding the fragile peace in the galaxy, is in trouble, and it's just you and five other brave agents that are standing between them and Tentacled Octopoids that seek them out for elimination.Dreamscape Immersive, in conjunction with Sony Pictures Virtual Reality, will launch this immersive virtual reality experience in Dubai, January 27 at the Mall of The Emirates. It is the first international location outside the United States. They collaborated with Majid Al Futtaim, which is at the fore of entertainment in the Middle East. 

The full experience takes approximately thirty-five minutes from beginning to end, including checking in and gearing up. To be allowed entry, you must dress up as agent. Groups of six people each will be allowed to go in, and they will be given high-tech VR headsets for adventure.To sum it up, Ignace Lahoud, Chief Executive Officer at Majid Al Futtaim Leisure, Entertainment and Cinemas, said he was very excited working with Dreamscape on this venture, “which transports guests to an immersive new world and allows them to be at the heart of the action.”

 The Majid Al Futtaim CEO also aims at blending physical and virtual reality with location-based VR, which allows guests to enjoy a new mode of recreation and delivers a memorable, engaging and live social experience. A similar experience was held last year in Los Angeles, and it was a blast. The fans that went through it gave it high reviews and hoped for more of the same.So, are you up to the task?