Determining the right VR headset in 2022 - 5 things to look out for 

by Boaz Feldman

Sometimes the world can be a scary place. We desperately want to leave this place that reminds us of our mistakes. We see our copybook bisected with many failures, and we are finding an escape mechanism.
Virtual reality readily presents this opportunity though it comes at a cost. However, it is a purchase worth making.

VR and VR headsets

VR is one of technology's greatest innovations as it transcends the universe we inhabit by stimulating one or more of our senses, particularly the tactile, visual, and auditory senses, using a variety of access devices ranging from VR headsets like Oculus to googles.

 A VR headset is an access device mounted on the head of a user to gain entry into the virtual world. Some gears have the phone connectivity feature, while some do not require the attachment of additional plugins. The growing relevance of headgears as a gateway pass to this warped realm is further consolidated by the appearance of the headgears in shopping malls, arcade game centers, game shops, and the average modern home. 

What should you look out for?

Selecting a particular headgear may be a herculean task if one is not armed with the right information and details.
There is a myriad of factors to take into account before settling for a product, ranging from the financial implications and costs, image resolution, nature of your space, and, more importantly, compatible technical specifications to ensure a smooth transit into the alternate universe.


The attendant financial implication of acquiring one of these luxurious headgears should be considered. Having a budget allows for clarity as regards the brand you would be buying from. There are different considerably decent options ranging from $10 (the Google cardboard which is on Amazon) to $ 300.


We have three types ranging from Standalone, PC, Console, and smartphone VR. Depending on what you want to enjoy, if you wish for increased mobility and practicality, you should consider a standalone VR, as it has no attached external equipment. For video game lovers, a console VR would be your top pick because of the game library and catalog on it. E.g., resident evil, blood, and truth e.t.c

Technical considerations

These are also critical factors. You would have to consider the resolution. The higher the resolution and quality, the higher the user experience and immersion. The range includes 1700 by 1440 (per eye) to 1832 by 1920 (per eye). You would also have to consider the field of view and the range of visibility, the refresh rate, or the rate at which pictures appear. Anything below 90 frames per second would lead to motion sickness.Also, the audio quality must be taken into consideration. If you are considering an entry-level gadget, then your device would come with an inbuilt speaker, but in the case of a high-end offering, you would have an inbuilt microphone.


You can easily streamline your choices by finding a VR headgear that is suitable for your content needs. Different strokes for different folks; Find a VR headgear that has the content you like or enjoy. If you are a game freak, you should consider getting a console VR that would whet your appetite for different kinds of games.

If you are looking forward to enjoying a virtual concert with your favorite singer screaming at the top of your lungs, you should consider getting Virtual reality gear that has that feature. Failure to do so might make the gear an article of ostentation rather than one of actual value or worth.


If you have limited space, it would be better for you to consider headgear with no additional plugins or attachments or even if you have claustrophobic tendencies that may cause discomfort. If you have ample space for extra plugins, then getting the PC VR or Console VR will be recommended.

VR headsets can be likened to invitations or access cards assigned at weddings or important global balls to gain entry. A wrong step in the selection process portends doom for the end-user. Hence, one must channel ingenuity, meticulousness, and patience in coming up with the right product that could be tweaked to satisfy your unique needs and preferences.