How VR Is Transforming Marketing- Beyond the Norm

by Anastasia Deripaska

Virtual Reality is gradually becoming more commonplace. Headsets are expected to reach half a billion sales in six years, with the Metaverse market topping $30 billion in that time.
This industry is undergoing massive growth, and this is the right time to push your business into the virtual world.

Virtual Reality continues to change the landscape of commerce, bringing the markets and customers closer.

Virtual Products Testing

Imagine shopping for clothes online and being able to try them on virtually. Now, you don't have to go to a store to try out clothing or makeup that you would love to have.

Companies that use this tech mostly use a combination of real-time images, computer learning and other AI programs to see how an item of clothing would look on a person’s body. Taking into account the body dimensions and even the fabric material.

Talking about more try-on, Gucci recently joined the trend. You can see how a shoe looks on your feet by just pointing your mobile phone camera at them.
The app also tracks movement so you can look at the shoe from different angles.

Test Drives

You don’t want to go to dealerships and have to deal with the cunning salesmen there? Or driving one car after another trying to look for one that will suit you best seems tiring?
VR has once again offered a way out. Now, you can test drive with your VR Headset right in your living room and then make a purchase right after.

Volvo has a test drive app that allows customers to do exactly this. The app has been updated regularly and can be downloaded onto your mobile phone.Right now, they're offering a Weekend Getaway version of the app, which allows you to view 360-degree landscapes. The users can now pair the adventure with Volvo in their minds. Something like this couldn't have been possible earlier without Virtual Reality.

Home Improvements

Just like the virtual test drives, Virtual Reality has provided a way to make interior décor easier. Looking to get furniture for your sitting room? Now, furniture retailers have VR Showrooms where you can see exactly how the furniture you're looking to buy would look in your sitting room.
Yes, no more lugging furniture around and hoping you've got the right fit for your apartment. Many furniture makers have adopted this method.

Lowe’s Home Improvement Store has set up a Holoroom for its customers. Even major furniture makers, IKEA has a virtual reality app that allows customers to “place” furniture into their homes so they can see how it looks and if it fits.

The Benefits

This type of marketing helps gather customer data and use it judiciously toward improving marketing strategies.

Apart from the fact that digital marketing is an improvement on the conventional type, it is easier and more accessible, making it a favorite among users, combining shopping with an immersive and unforgettable experience.