by Anastasia Deripaska

HTC has continued to show its dominance in the tech industry with the rollout of its latest VR hardware, once again taking everyone by storm. They announced the rollout at the CES 2022 tech trade show that was held in Las Vegas. The tech is geared toward enabling more smooth and efficient VR use.


Companies and enterprises can now enjoy portable VR experiences. And it is 5G! All on a wireless headset. They would have access to their own secure and safe 5G network all in the size of a suitcase.
The experience can run anywhere, on the go, in offices, and even at home. It can even run remotely for up to thirty minutes.
The network could enable multiple headsets to connect simultaneously, allowing different people to enjoy the same VR experience. For the main time, the tech is strictly for business use but it could expand to the gaming world in the nearest future.
It could also be made educational, with students and tutors in VR mode. Learning just might become more fun.


 HTC also unveiled a hand tracker that can track anything from your fingertips to your elbow, anything down to minuscule movements of your arm, movements that can't be caught on normal cameras.It fits quite snuggly around your wrist.

It adds the arm to the Metaverse and allows you to grab and throw objects in VR even without controllers! This is good news for gamers as very soon, bulky controllers are going to be a thing of the past.
The tech eliminates the problem that most VR users have.Imagine having to play a game in VR for several hours, all the whole holding onto controllers, on both hands. Very tiring. After a while, your hands start to get numb, and fatigue sets in. Not with the wrist tracker.

It is many times lighter than controllers themselves and can even be worn on both hands. The trackers can even be attached to other objects like water bottles.
It also makes use of cameras situated on the device that capture a lot of your movement too. But you might ask, what if I cover the device with my other hand? Will it affect the usage?Of course, the cameras would be blocked. But the tracker would still be able to calculate your hand location using momentum sensors like accelerometers. Cool, right?This is just the beginning as HTC have promised even more amazing VR gadgets in the coming years. Virtual Reality is just about to get even more immersive.