India’s EduTech Focusing on Augmented Reality

by Anastasia Deripaska

With 1.366 billion people in its population - 472 million of which are children - it’s no surprise that India is focused on education.
Even more so considering how much its population is spiking. By 2027, population scientists believe the country will surpass China as the largest in the world when it comes to total citizenship.
Clearly, that many students is going to put a strain on the country’s education resources, which has led augmented reality (AR) book platform Gamooz to enhance what schools can offer their students as the world struggles to get past the COVID-19 pandemic and prepare tomorrow’s leaders for success.
Gamooz supports 70 book templates, which allows publishers to map activities in the field of physics, chemistry, maths, and dozens of others. Children can use the storybooks for basic activities like drawing and reading by using the Gamooz mobile app available on Google Play and Apple’s App Store.
Parents can also download the app and use their smartphone’s AR camera to scan in pages that activate interactive audio, video, and animated experiences.

Talking to the Founder

Gamooz’s founder is Gaurav Wadha, who is high on the possibilities of his creation, according to an interview with XR Today.“
The child now understands the story as if it were a coloring activity, and you just find the apple on the page the child needs to color,” Wadha said. “The child just points the camera, and now the same apple sketch appears on the phone with the color palette, and the child can color.
”For teachers, the AR-centric app can generate quizzes, spelling exercises, true-false questions, crosswords, fill-in-the-blank tests, sequencing, connect-the-dots, and more.“
The publisher prints the instructions on the front and back to download and use the app, so the parent can then help their children to use it and have a lot of fun on the platform.”

Wadhwa initially founded Gamooz in 2012, initially setting it up as an AR app development company.
He founded it after leaving his job as a software developer because he was so fascinated by AR, creating apps for companies in the advertising and marketing niches, along with newspapers, magazines, restaurants, and furniture retailers.
Between 2012-2015, he launched into the big time, making clients including Fort Motors of India and Suzuki. He found a synergy with books and textbooks when he met with a publisher who was disappointed to find out that CD-Roms and compact discs were being phased out of the children’s book industry when it came to inclusion in schools.