INHALE Wellness combines VR

by Guy Frum

INHALE Wellness Platform combines VR, Aromatherapy

If you haven’t heard of aromatherapy, then you’re missing out on a remarkable discipline that uses the natural extracts from plants as a holistic healing treatment. If you’ve heard about anyone using essential oil therapy, that’s a close cousin of what aromatherapy is all about.With the positive vibes that aromatherapy tends to produce and with every company in the immersive technology business trying to up its game to be as realistic and surrounding as possible, it’s no stretch to see these two inventive practices being put together.

The 1-2 Punch

This team-up comes from Ketamine One Capital Limited, which deals in providing mental health treatments and consolidating medical clinics, and OVR Technology, a virtual-reality (VR) provider. The end result will be the use of VR in psychedelic treatments on the “INHALE Wellness Platform” at Ketamine’s clinics. OVR is providing its proprietary tech and services which involves an olfactor-enabled VR platform that will help users manage their stress levels, promote relaxation, and deepen the immersion of the experience. The setup comes as a head-mounted display, much like a typical VR headset, but includes scent cartridges and multiple scent-focused nature vistas.

The difference in this device compared to a normal VR headset is the ION device, which is how it emits the scent particles. It is both lightweight and wireless and works in conjunction with the VR technology to time the scent releases in unison with what is showing on the VR headset. OVR Technology calls the platform its “Architecture of Scent” - featuring hardware, software, and its so-called ‘scentware’. 

The scents are water-based and manufactured using both natural and synthetic ingredients that have undergone strict testing to ensure they are not harmful and that they align with most common human senses of smell to have the desired effect. The result is incorporating the third sense in VR past the traditional usage of sight and sound.“We believe that the ION device contains the most accurate on-mask scent technology currently available on the market,” said Ketmaine One’s Clinic Innovation Council Chair Dr. Quang Henderson. “The ability for our clinicians to alter perceptual experiences with VR and the ION is extremely promising.Optimizing the therapeutic setting is one of the main goals of our VR-based research and development program and being able to utilize the sense of smell to help patients relax, reduce tension, and lower stress is expected to result in the development of a comprehensive treatment.”