Inveris to demonstrate live application of AR - training at the world defence show

by Guy Frum

Revolutionizing the field of warfare and firearms using AR. (The intersection between Guns and AR)

We all get the chills when we see our favorite movie stars burst through thick doors with their jaw-dropping strength and fantastic use of their weapons. Our hairs stand on end as we watch the progression of the movie, where our favorite character uses various techniques, particularly with the excellent use of firearms to dispossess a criminal or an enemy. Behind this exciting showdown of swift reflexes, deadly punches, back and forth gunshot exchange, and the use of self-defense lies the burden of consistent practice and exposure to the act and art of war. 

Soldiers and law enforcement agents require rigorous training and exercise to ensure they do not allow criminals to 'get away with murder 'and other crimes.
InVeris, in furtherance of this interest, has been in existence for the past 95 years, pushing the frontiers of firearms solutions and intervention. One of such recent interventions is the creation of the SCRE™ innovation, which stands for See, Rehearse, collectively experience or source, a military and law enforcement agent rehearsal and simulation platform.

With the InVeris Augmented reality solution, you can imagine yourself hiding behind bushes or rocks, dodging the enemy's bullet with every move you make. InVeris AR solutions give soldiers the ability to predict various enemies' tactics, techniques, and devices within the confines of a real and immersive environment. Soldiers can carry out their call of duty without worrying about cases of mission impossible since everything is possible in this realm. This model invention is customizable, likable, and user-friendly as it teaches the strategy of warfare and combat without using force or extreme methods except where necessary. Opposition role players, decoys, hostile forces, and sworn enemies are digitally provided, so there is no need for another soldier to pose as the enemy.

InVeris would be exhibiting this groundbreaking technology alongside with live- fire range offerings at the World Defense show taking place in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia spanning from the 6th of March to the 9th of March 2022.
InVeris solutions would afford soldiers the chance to combine virtual training in real-world locations while also measuring and tracking their activitiesThis option is economical as it prevents the additional costs that follow the use of live shooting locations. Augmented reality delivers the best of both worlds (Virtual and physical).

Who says you can't eat your cake and have it multiple times? Definitely, not Augmented reality as Real-life training facilities can be scanned and augmented to become instant shoot houses.

For the hunter not to become the hunted, soldiers and law-enforcement agents need to be properly drilled on the proven techniques to shoot their shot without missing using the InVeris AR- solution.