Meditate in VR on your own island in Maloka

by Anastasia Deripaska

There aren’t many things that are universally hailed on this planet, but one that tends to fit the bill is the power of meditation.
Between 200-500 million people worldwide are estimated to meditate at least once a month, and scientific data finds that it can improve your anxiety levels 60% of the time, reduce the time that insomniacs spend awake by 50%, and reduce your risk of being hospitalized during the course of your life with coronary disease issues by a whopping 87%!
The problem, of course, is who has time to meditate?
Our lives seem to be rushing by at a breakneck speed between work, school, kids, jobs, and all of the various pings and dings that our smartphones keep giving off during the day Finding a peaceful, quiet place to sit and be gets more and more tough as life goes on, and the great outdoors seems farther and farther away.

Galaxy Labs is now promoting a way to meditate not just at home, but on your own tropical island with a spirit guide along for the ride to make you feel at home and at peace.
That’s the idea behind Maloka, a VR experience that gamifies the idea of meditating and relaxing, with the hopes of getting you into a routine that promotes inner peace, mindfulness, and relaxation in what has been one of the most trying and stressful times in the history of the world thanks to COVID-19.

The Maloka Experience

When users put on the virtual reality goggles, they move through space and time to a small, private island where they can take in the sights in a host of different environments dedicated to producing the most serene, calm experience possible. It’s not a static environment, either.
The more you meditate, the more the island will respond to your success. Plants will bloom, trees will grow, and entire environments will change in front of your very eyes.
Giving you guidance and support is your own digital pet, one that looks and behaves quite similar to the Tamagotchi digital pets popularized by Japanese manufacturers WiZ and Bandai during the 1990s and on through the past three decades. The spirit guide will lead you from place to place on the island, which will result in the discovery of secret gardens, new calming sounds, and mysterious statutes that dot the landscape.

The VR experience was created by wellness authors Sukey and Elizabeth Novogratz with the idea of targeting your Beta and Theta brain waves in an attempt to achieve a zen-like meditative state.
Sounds like winds and chimes along with a dazzling array of vibrant colors are at the heart of the experience.
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