by Dror Denishman

Metaverse is an online virtual world that incorporates virtual reality, augmented reality and video, all at once, to give its users a truly immersive experience. It has been cited by many as being the next internet where each user will be in the information itself, allowing different users to interact with each other and the Metaverse. Others even say the Metaverse is not just the future of the internet, it is the future.

Right now, Tech giants all over the world have their separate plans for the Metaverse, from Meta and Zuckerberg planning on bringing Facebook to the Metaverse, to Epic CEO and Fortnite game maker Tim Sweeney, wanting to make Metaverse into an epic gaming platform, leaving behind consoles and smartphones. And yes, iPhone users included.

Others plan to invest billions in Metaverse Real Estate. This is now possible. Metaverse is now being used to show prospective clients, houses, and other real estates that they are interested in. All without leaving their homes. A condo in New York, a bungalow in Freetown, or an abandoned piece of land In a remote part of Ireland.

The client would be able to relate with the buyers in a stress-free virtual environment. This has its disadvantages as faults in plumbing or cracks on the walls could be easily hidden for as they say, nothing beats the evidence of sight.
Some people however have a different approach to the matter of real estate and the Metaverse. The Metaverse is like a new planet where you could go at your leisure or on business, have your identity, and do whatever you want. Host a party, have a meeting with your business partners, or even build a new home. However, this is done on Land. In the Metaverse, Virtual Real Estate. 

Virtual real estate

Anyone can purchase a plot of land in the Metaverse using cryptocurrency, not totally unlike that of Stephen Spielberg's Ready Player One. Virtual real estate has the potential to be quite profitable as purchases to the tune of millions of dollars have been made already. Right now, owning real estate in the Metaverse is relatively easy.
All you need is a digital wallet as it is not yet possible to buy a virtual piece of land with real money, you still need to meet your estate agent for that one, sorry. You also need a buying platform and once you've found a parcel that you're interested in, you could now purchase it at the click of a button. Boom. That's all.Virtual real estate seems to be on the upturn at the moment, for it is a venture worth pursuing and the opportunities involved are limitless.