Metaverse Fashion Week - What’s The Rave About?

by Anastasia Deripaska

Emphasizing the fact that the Metaverse isn’t meant for just social media interactions, The first ever fashion week in the Metaverse kicked off in Decentraland.

It was meant to showcase various brands and ideas they had, clothing apparel from the physical world that have been replicated virtually, or, for some, styles that would be a perfect fit for Metaverse avatars.

The Details, The Hits, And the Heavy Movers.

“It is still important to create a link between the Metaverse and the physical world, so my partner and I approached it like any physical show in terms of creating the looks, music, and backdrop, even styling the avatars. It’s an exciting extension of fashion that’s limitless for the imagination. Plus, it’s completely sustainable.” Creative director Peter Dundas explains.

There was a bit of turnout, and without high-functioning computers, experiences were hindered. It wasn't perfect, but overall, many would agree that it was a good showing.

Dolce and Gabbana, in Collaboration with UNXD, had a catwalk show.
And, this time, instead of your run-of-the-mill runway models, they used cats (Catwalks? Get it?) which were not stuck to the runaway but were flying around.Selfridges, which is greatly known for its retail theatre, created a Digital representation of its store in Birmingham, which was now used as a gallery and also where it could introduce customers and viewers to NFTs.
Selfridges also had interactive experiences where it featured the Paco Rabanne + Victor Vasarely collection.Tommy Hilfiger went for a combination of the physical and the virtual.

The brand showed off its Spring 2022 collection virtually, followed by opening up its digital store so that customers could purchase NFTs connected to the label. They could then redeem these NFTs for their physical counterparts.
Meanwhile, the Charli Cohen x RSTLSS Experience was impressive as meteorites fell all around the audience and spawned the latest limited-edition RSTLSS wearables. 

What This Could Mean for Other Brands

It is true that people who first venture into the Metaverse may feel disoriented or lost.
Any company that uses its resources to get most of its customers into the Metaverse should undoubtedly continue doing that, as, in the nearest future, the number of customers buying from the Metaverse is going to skyrocket.