Metaverse In 2022: Top 5 Expectations

by Anastasia Deripaska

The world was plunged into chaos with the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. Everyone bore the brunt of a downtrodden economy. As physical contact became a luxury no one could afford, there were job losses, educational limbo. Even the European football leagues had to be stopped. The physical world became a dreary place.
Most people turned their attention online; online games, online meetings, conferences, social media boom. Everything became virtual. The vaccine came on the scene later in the year.

2021 was billed as a year of resurgence as the vaccine had come into play, but different variants made a comeback for humanity a bit difficult. But now, we have tasted the Metaverse.
Virtual and Augmented Reality is fast becoming a norm. Other technological advancements like 5G and other hardware have made a move to the Metaverse a lot easier.
This is 2022, a new year. The Metaverse has become a name on everyone's lips, and we are all looking forward to what the year will bring for the Metaverse. 

Facebook, Meta and The Metaverse 

In late 2021, Zuckerberg made an announcement. His company is moving to the Metaverse. He even changed Facebook's corporate name to Meta, stating that that's a better name. A name that would represent the future of his company better than Facebook. MZ himself is investing billions of dollars into this venture.
He also revealed that weekly board meetings of some of Meta’s executives take place in the Metaverse. With the launch of Horizon Worlds, a virtual reality social-connect game by Meta, we wait with bated breath, wondering what new adventure Meta has in store for us.

Land Ahoy!

Snoop Dogg, yes, The Snoop Dogg recently purchased land in the Metaverse. Virtual Land. He’s hoping to create a world of his own in the Metaverse. The Snoopverse. And as crazy as that might sound, someone recently bought land in the Snoopverse for half a million Dollars.
And the prices are skyrocketing. Many companies and individuals are stepping over themselves to get land in the Metaverse. Land there is limited, and as the Metaverse gains popularity, people rush to own a piece of it, and the prices of “parcels” of land fly towards the skies. Basic demand and supply.
The first bunch of purchases in the Snoopverse started in late 2021. This year won't be any different as there are many landowners in the Metaverse. What are you waiting for?

Music Without Boundaries

Imagine a concert in the Metaverse, where there are no Covid Restrictions, no news of artistes being refused travel visas, where it doesn't matter if you're far from the stage (the virtual stage, of course) or near it because the sound would still be the same. Booming in your ears because, in reality, you're on your couch with your VR hardware.
Future, David Guetta, Young Thug, and even Ariana Grande, in conjunction with Fortnite, had theirs, and it had over 75 million viewers, with Grande reportedly making over 20 million dollars. Not only does it offer an easier way to connect with your audience, but it is also very lucrative for the artiste with infinitely less stress.
Doubtless, there would be more of these in 2022, as those who attended this past year are hungry for more. 

Games, Gaming, VR Hardware and More 

Games are an escape from reality. Just like the Metaverse. Now, games can be played in virtual reality with hardware like VR headsets and Haptic Devices.
VR Gamers increase every day. The days of ordinary player vs. players games are passing by, and it's time for Immersive games where the gamer would be inside the game itself.
Sony, Roblox, Epic Games, everyone’s moving their merchandise to the Metaverse. The VR hardware is currently state-of-the-art but is still being improved upon.
With 3D, 360-degree view combined with Immersive sound, Gaming just got a whole lot better.

Information And the Web

With the advent of the Internet, Web 1.0, the internet was just for information, an information highway. Web 2.0 is the era we’re in now, the era of social media. Web 3.0 is the era of the Metaverse. We're about to step right into it.
The question on everyone's lips is the same. Are we ready? Are we? Oh yes! Yes, we are. Welcome to a New Dispensation.