METAWORK- How real can actual jobs get?

by Anastasia Deripaska

When the Judds in their all-time hit song 'Grandpa tell me ‘bout the good old days’ sang, that ‘the world is going crazy and the lines seem so hazy,' it was as if they could see the future and the craziness that would come with it.

The attendant struggle that comes with the 21st-century employment sector is nerve-wracking, to say the least. Constant exposure to grouchy bosses, peevish employees, a toxic or sexist work environment, or a repetitive chain of workflow can be damaging to our productivity and overall efficiency.

However, these problems have dissipated into nothingness. Thanks to technology. The concept of the metaverse is one that was recently introduced, and it has dominated the headlines of various new platforms, commentaries, and discussions among tech-savvy people.

The metaverse is a simulated universe that can be accessed by the use of Virtual reality or Augmented reality access devices ranging from Oculus quest 2 headsets, eye wears specially tailored to this process, and a host of other devices. The metaverse in all its glory and essence is a highly immersive and interactive realm in which users can foster a kind of relationship.

How is the metaverse redefining the scope of usual employment?

The metaverse has alleviated the stress that comes with manual processes by automating the workflow.

Companies have gradually picked up pace in exploiting the potential of the metaverse. For context, Moralis and the Outliers have incorporated the use of the metaverse in their day-to-day activities as with a unique avatar assigned to each individual; an individual can log into this stimulated realm to have meetings, share documents, work and communicate concerns, leave comments and a bunch of other functions. Amazing huh?

Also, gaming companies and E-commerce shops are not spared from this drastic change pervading all sectors of human endeavor, as the growing influence of virtual reality games as a form of escapism from life's struggles, and a form of entertainment is a growing trend. The scope of modern-day shopping has also been redefined as UI/UX designers are in high demand to create product pages that would increase returns on investment and customer satisfaction which is an integral part of 21st-century business. 

Customers can see how a particular product would fit into their daily lives by visualizing the product in its appropriate position and its inherent ability to improve their standard of living.

Software engineers and product designers earning peanuts can now earn huge amounts of money as a result of the technical expertise needed to create interactive and immersive software that would engage and charm users in the use of the software.

In conclusion, the influence of the metaverse in refining the scope of modern-day employment cannot be immediately sidelined as its role in its entirety is all invasive in providing a workplace free from toxicity, stress, manual processes with their attendant redundancy and an all-immersive and engaging work atmosphere.