by Dror Denishman

We're barely into the new year and Sony has decided to hit us with a blockbuster.
More than a year after the homecoming of PlayStation 5- mind you, we still haven't recovered from that- they have officially announced the release of PSVR2, a next-generation virtual reality headset, along with an exclusive game: Horizon Call of The Mountain.


As we all know, virtual reality isn't future tech anymore. It's in the here and now. But with this, Sony have pushed the barrier once again. Nay, they’ve broken through. Previous VRs were run-of-the-mill, I-move-and-character-moves types with controls but this is so immersive that the gamers would feel the thrusts of an accelerating vehicle, they would feel the motion of objects moving close by and, get this, the elevated pulse of their character during tense moments.
Just imagine running through a forest in a VR, jumping above stumps, and feeling the leaves and branches brushing against your face. Feeling your chest thump, feeling your increased pulse as you come face to face with a dinosaur (Yes, I’m talking about Horizon), feeling the wind against your body as you run. Virtual Reality just got more immersive.
The headsets would have 4K display with a very high resolution of 2000x2040 pixel per eye, 3D audio and a built-in microphone. It also contains eye-tracking technology. You would only see what you're looking at and your movements and directions are reflected in the game exactly! These headsets will be mass-produced this year and. We. Can. Not. Wait.


This is the newest game in the Horizon Series. There were two before this, Horizon: Zero Dawn and Horizon: Forbidden West. Unlike its predecessors that were third-person role-play, Call of The Mountain is first-person as befitting a VR game.

And of course, Guerrilla Games and Firesprite, the developers of Horizon have shown us a demo. The character wakes up, disoriented, in a dense forest and is helped up by a Non-Player Character. Scenes switched to where they are rowing downstream and all of a sudden, A giant robotic dinosaur appears out of nowhere, dwarfing the characters. The game is going to launch sometime during the year, the official release date hasn’t been announced yet but it promises to be fun as it is developed solely for PSVR2 through PS5.