Real Or Not? New Co-op Ghostbusters VR Game Announced

by Anastasia Deripaska

Meta recently announced a new Ghostbusters co-op game published by Sony Pictures Virtual Reality and developed by nDreams. The Ghostbusters franchise is adding another game to its universe, but this time, the action would occur in virtual reality. 

Hunt Ghosts And Ghouls with Friends

Founded by Patrick O’Luanaigh, nDreams is a leading game publishing and development company. They are based in Farnborough, UK, and have been at the forefront of innovative gaming since 2006.

However, since 2013 they've turned their attention completely to virtual reality. They were one of the very few to get their hands on Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR prototypes and were also one of the first to venture into the immersive medium.

There has been no release date for the game, and the title could be subject to change. But Meta spoke on this development, saying that everything displayed at the Quest Gaming Showcase is expected to launch next year, most likely including Ghostbusters VR.

He also believes that his company's collaboration with the Ghostbusters Franchise and their extensive experience creating top-notch immersive VR games would blow the minds of gamers and Ghostbusters fans.

“With SPVR, we’ve found the perfect teammates to help bring a boundary-pushing multiplayer game to virtual reality,” says Tomas Gillo, Chief Development Officer, nDreams.

In this game, players will be tasked with opening their own Ghostbusters headquarters in San Francisco. The players will also have to solve a new mystery in the Ghostbusters franchise, and they can choose to do it alone or with a group of up to three friends in the co-op campaign.

Now, they have partnered with Sony Pictures Virtual Reality and Meta to announce a new Ghostbusters-themed virtual reality game, called Ghostbusters VR, for Meta Quest 2. 

Second Of Many?

This isn't the first Ghostbusters game to be released recently or teased for a future launch. A month ago, American developer IllFonic confirmed a 4v1 asymmetrical multiplayer game called Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed. IllFonic is popularly known for its work on Friday the 13th: The Game and Predator: Hunting Grounds, two other asymmetrical multiplayer games.

In Asymmetric games, the players do not stand on equal ground. Multiple options give distinct benefits and drawbacks to each player. Because a head-on attack is a good move for one player does not indicate that it is just as good for another player in the same game.