Revolutionary AXIS System

by Anastasia Deripaska

Refract Technologies Heads to Kickstarter for Revolutionary AXIS System

If you’ve ever wanted to test your Taekwondo skill against a real opponent without the possibility of getting your teeth in, then Refract Technologies has the perfect Kickstarter project for you to contribute to.
It’s called Virtual Taekwondo, and it is a mixed reality experience that made its debut in Singapore a few months ago at an exhibition. This dazzling leap forward in immersive technology allows two competitors to fight in hand-to-hand combat while wearing a full-body motion capture system called AXIS.
Even without a contract of any sort in place, AXIS has already received a substantial backer in the form of the World Taekwondo Federation, which is putting its head together with Refract Technologies to organize an entire virtual sports program with the game at the center of that effort. 

All AXIS Pass

AXIS stands for Active XR Interface System. The technology, which has drawn rave reviews for its realism in early exhibitions, combines nine individual sensors situated across the body. There’s also an on-body wireless hub that allows for inside-out tracking of body movements. The hub takes away the need for AXIS to use external trackers. This means you don’t need a ton of range of movement for the game to track your body movements accurately; a huge bonus to people that want the flow, movement, and physical exercise of a full-on round of Taekwondo even if they lack the comparative physical space in their own environment. The full-body system has low-latency, real-time tracking that works with SteamVR, OpenVR, OpenXR, and Oculus. If you are playing with friends, at a party, or a VR arcade, the AXIS system caters to taking turns nicely with its modular design and easily-detachable straps so you can get in and out of its array quickly and easily.

More than a Game

While an overwhelming number of immersion technologies seem to be dedicated solely to the gaming world, AXIS is thinking about bigger picture stuff. There are three modes in all: Standard, VR, and Creator. 
Standard is for the typical 2D gamer who has a standard operating system and wants to use a controller to engage in the 1-on-1 battles
VR is exactly what you think it is; combining a haptic suit and VR headset to completely immerse a player into a 1-on-1 fight with either another player or against a computer-generated opponent.
Creator mode might be the most exciting of them all, as it is built for motion-capture animators to turn themselves or any other person wearing the system into their own personal Andy Serkis.