Rilestream And Planet Theta Partner to Stream Films in Dating Metaverse 

by Guy Frum

A walk in the park in the evening? A cup of coffee at a restaurant? Or perhaps, seeing a movie?
Going on dates has become easier with Planet Theta, the first virtual dating app. Going past the norm and allowing people to meet, socialize and date, all on the Metaverse.


It is a platform for creating and monetising film and TV NFTs created by Allrites.
This is an innovative concept in the movie and television industry, where historically, content only has the licence to stream in certain territories and platforms. 

With Ritestream, an NFT owner can choose to sell the NFT in its entirety such that the new owner will also benefit from future profits generated by the NFT.

The Ritestream Partnership and Cinema Tickets

The average cost of a movie ticket in the US has increased by more than ten percent in the last five years, and the pandemic didn't help matters as more people looked to other avenues for seeing their favorite movies, reducing ticket sales from 1.4 billion in 2009 to 498 million in 2021 in the US alone.

So here comes the Ritestream and Planet Theta partnership, now allowing you to enjoy movies as well in the virtual dating space. This means that in addition to a plethora of fun and lively environments on the Planet Theta platform, you would now be able to enjoy movies from Ritestream’s extensive content.

Chris Crew, CEO of Planet Theta, comments: “Human connection is the bedrock of societal happiness, and the partnership between Planet Theta and Ritestream heralds a revolutionary shift in the way prospective couples can connect…putting human connection at the forefront of dating again, so couples can step foot into Planet Theta and experience an exciting future of matchmaking.”

More Dates in The Metaverse? Maybe.

Planet Theta’s idea on its own was against the contemporary. Going on first dates and looking for the perfect spot or trying to quell the rising anxiety that just won’t leave you?
The main objective was not to completely abandon all that but to make it easier and dates more comfortable.

Now, on Theta’s platform, there is no need to start picking out a dress or a heady perfume to impress your partner as you are going to be on your sofa, donning your Oculus or Steam VR headset, meeting your partner in the chosen virtual environment and now having access to over 82,000 hours of Ritestream licensed content.