Star Wars continues Galaxy’s Edge Saturation with New VR Game

by Dror Denishman

Star Wars continues Galaxy’s Edge Saturation with New VR Game

It seems like only yesterday that Disneyland in California launched its incredible new theme park, Star Wars: Galaxy Edge.
Park goers were able to walk a few steps away from the land of Mickey Mouse, Snow White, and Cinderella and suddenly find themselves immersed on the alien world of Batuu, where they encountered the likes of Kylo Ren, Rey, Chewbacca, and got to take a ride in the Millenium Falcon.
Wisely, the powers that be at Lucasfilm understood that not everyone has the purchasing power for a trip to Anaheim or Orlando to see the real thing - particularly given the events of the COVID-19 pandemic - and set works in motion to create an entire experience around the theme park with books, comics, toys, and a slew of virtual reality experiences fresh from ILMxLAB, which are available for play on Oculus Quest.

f you’ve been lucky enough to experience Galaxy’s Edge in person, it’s a surreal experience to experience it over again in virtually reality.
The digital city in the goggles is the same layout as the actual theme park, and even some of the interiors are similar.
But what are closed doors in real life open up into brand new adventures, dangers, and puzzles in the virtual reality world.
 The final installment of the Galaxy’s Edge VR game series had its trailer drop earlier in September.
Called Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge - Last Call, it takes you outside the walls of the city and into the wilderness in adventures that feature an ancient Jedi temple and an underground prison lair.
The game debuted online on September 15. 

The game has you looking for artifacts on a journey that includes chasms and caverns, along with pirates to battle and puzzles to solve.
First-rate voice talent returns for the adventure, including the legendary Anthony Daniels as the voice of C3PO.
Daniels has played the somewhat fussy protocol droid in all nine of the Star Wars anthologies along with 2016’s Rogue One.
Also back for another round is Saturday Night Live alumnus Bobby Moynihan, a self-proclaimed Star Wars super fan.

Two bits from the trailer have fans buzzing in particular.
The first shows that you will find your way into a Jedi Temple and be guided in the ways of the Force, complete with some realistic lightsaber training.
The second is a nod to fans of bounty hunters from across the galaxy.
The robot bounty hunter IG-88 is a fan favorite despite appearing on screen for just a few seconds in 1980’s “The Empire Strikes Back” but the model was recreated for the first season of Disney+’s “The Mandalorian” two years ago. Voiced by innovative director Taika Wahiti, IG-11 became a huge fan favorite on a show full of them. Last Call recreates IG-88 and his remarkable flexibility and double set of blasters and turns him loose on Batuu.