Tech Companies and Our Metaverse Future

by Anastasia Deripaska

The term Metaverse has been floating around for some time now. Think of it as an alternate universe of information, just like the internet. Only that the Metaverse is in a Virtual Reality. Once you're in the Metaverse, you'll be represented by avatars- then you could shop, have business meetings, go to an Imagine Dragons concert, book flights and even crypto trading. It would also be the hub of artificial intelligence interacting with the Metaverse users. The pandemic has caused meetings physically to become dangerous health-wise, making people look for online substitutes. This, in turn making Metaverse stocks rise fast. There are several large companies willing to invest millions of dollars in the Metaverse. Here below are some of the heaviest spenders.


During the pandemic, as everyone was forced to relocate to the online world, business meetings were held virtually on platforms like Microsoft Teams which allowed video and audio conferencing.
Microsoft is now working on Mesh for Teams which allows for AR overlay on video meetings, digital representations in VR through avatars of users with VR headsets.
The ability to be able to communicate with anyone from anywhere in the world is incredible, but it takes away the personal feeling and connections that could help shape careers.
Microsoft is trying to bridge that gap by bringing those meetings into the Metaverse.


Zuckerberg has been very vocal when it comes to supporting the clamour for Metaverse adoption. Firstly, he changed the corporate name of Facebook to Meta, stating that Facebook didn't quite cover what his company did. Meta also controls Oculus VR headsets and a cryptocurrency Libra Project.
He also announced his plans to invest $10 billion dollars annually towards moving his company to the Metaverse. Analysts have said this amount might rise up to as much as $50 billion.
Bringing the whole of his social media platforms to Metaverse would be impressive as meeting new people and making friends would take place in a whole new universe.

Epic Games

Epic games have one of the most organized and advanced Metaverse platforms today.
 What started as just a game has turned into a virtual social world with over 350 million users.Epic games currently have a two-prong goal for the Metaverse. First, to increase their user capacity over their current 60 million users a month and to make their VR content accessible and readily available to as many people as possible.


Yes, the dating site. The dating app. Tinder has over 75 million active users, and they plan on bringing them all into the Metaverse. Imagine looking for a partner, put on your VR headset and then you're ready to mingle!
The Metaverse can contain everyone, and you could have face to face (avatar to avatar) conversations with a friend or partner.
You could even go on dates and shop with your partners in the virtual world. The possibilities are endless, and Tinder seems ready to explore many of them


The Metaverse would require lots of data to be processed in microseconds as crossing the barrier from officer to Virtual would take a lot of computing power.
Although, Nvidia is not one of the most popular names you'd quite expect, they are one of the largest manufacturers of chips in the world. Working behind the scenes to make sure your data is processed at light speed. The Metaverse, with its humongous volume of data, would need extremely fast servers capable of managing it. And Nvidia would hope to exploit that area in which they currently lead the way.  


Other worthy mentions include Square-now named Block- whose services include CashApp and Tidal. A move to the Metaverse is seen as a step in the right direction for Jack Dorsey and his company which has invested in the cryptocurrency sector.E-commerce giants Alibaba have also announced plans to move into the Metaverse. They recently opened a firm based in Beijing to oversee the gaming potential of the Metaverse, also investing $1.6 million dollars in this venture.