The Metaverse and Terrorism: Solving an Age-Old Dilemma

by Boaz Feldman

Everything is going virtual, from commerce to education to entertainment. The world is getting smaller and more advanced. Terrorism has also increased and become more widespread, causing death and destruction. Gone are the days when terrorists worked alone and had no tactical support. Now they are armed with the latest tech and weaponry.These developments have, in turn, increased counter-terrorism efforts. The Military has now seen a potential game-changer in the Metaverse as it possesses limitless applications and uses.

The Military’s Metaverse

In the Metaverse, people are digitally represented by avatars. Not only people but real-life buildings could also be copied and pasted in Metaverse.
Brick by brick, paint by paint, room by room.
Roads, Oceans, and even the Northern lights can now be present in the Metaverse. The Military has found various applications for this as The Metaverse is now being used for precise military training in a conducive and risk-free environment.
Precision shootings, maneuvers, and tactical missions.There is a robbery going on in a bank and a volatile hostage situation. Way forward? Virtual Simulation in the Metaverse.Do a rendition of the Bank in the Metaverse complete with the robbers and the hostages. And from then on, it's Practice. Then, Perfection.The Military recognizes that the world is now more connected and controlled by information.
It has, however, made it more difficult to understand complex situations and respond accordingly.


They are developers of military training virtual simulations. They make use of spatial synchronization technology, which correctly matches the physical location and description of areas and objects in the simulation for the trainee.
The program copies the real world, War conditions, and hostage situations all down to the nitty-gritty while helping to provide efficient solutions and interventions to various proposed military environments.
In The Optimus System, a military Metaverse simulation is set up where the trainees can respond and react as in current heat-of-battle situations, enabling live combat and precise hit recognitions that are difficult to obtain in current video shooting programs.


Given the alarming rise in terrorism, the Military needs new ways to tackle this menace, and The Metaverse offers a way to do just that.
 Security risks can be assessed, and complex situations worked upon. Very soon, battles would be fought virtually before soldiers are deployed, and threats would be eliminated beforehand.