Top 5 Best Stocks to Invest in for the Metaverse

by Guy Frum

The metaverse is on the tip of everyone’s tongue this time of year as companies begin the merger and acquisition process in an effort to be part of something spectacular, shaping the future of the Internet and online communication and collaboration as we know it. You might be impatient for the metaverse to get off its feet and start becoming your own personal hangout, job site, social network, and school, but in the meantime there’s nothing to keep you from making money by investing in the companies that are trying to be the first to build the better mousetrap. For today’s top five, we’re going to look at five top companies in the metaverse mix that would make smart investments over the next few years.

#1 Meta (formerly Facebook)

Well, duh, right?
Mark Zuckerberg turned his social media site from a place for Harvard students to rate their fellow undergraduates’ ID photos to the most massive thing to ever hit the planet. That was in February 2004, which means Zuckerberg is about 20 years removed from his greatest stroke of genius.
 Definitely time for another one! While Zuckerberg seems to always have to be testifying for one thing or another on Capitol Hill, there’s little doubt his brand name or staying power for innovative products are off the charts.

#2 Roblox

Roblox is known for its innovative building games, but it’s planning on expanding its role to the pied piper to bring video games and virtual reality to the classrooms as part of its metaverse contribution. In November 2021, the company announced it had invested $10 million to help develop games for junior high, high school, and college-age students.

#3 Nvidia

The company is going hardcore into a full stack of software for the metaverse, a far cry from its hardware offerings of semiconductor chips and related things.
The company recently dazzled a crowd of 200,000 researchers online with its Launchpad program that will house everything it brings to the metaverse when the time is right.

#4 Unity

In early November 2021, Unity made a big splash by acquiring WETA, the New Zealand visual effect company that is best known for its groundbreaking special effects work on Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings.
Unity is a developer of real-time 3D content which can see active use in VR, Ar, and gaming activities. It was founded in 2004 and has a current market value of $38 billion. It is a good entry point for the average investor as it has strengths in mobile gaming. About 65%-70% of games on the list of the top 1,000 in the world used Unity’s software in the past year.

#5 Fastly

This San Francisco based real-time content delivery network service works through Cloudflare to provide the fastest delivery of Internet content, something that will be essential to provide for a seamless feel in the metaverse.Its biggest offering will be infrastructure as a service.Its profits were up 23% year over year in the third quarter alone.