Top 7 VR Headsets to Savor the Metaverse With

by Dror Denishman

We all know what the Metaverse is. It is vast and immersive. Right now, one of the devices that can transverse it is a Virtual Reality Headset. But of these, there are different types, wireless or connected to a console or a PC, high-end or regular; the list is endless.These Reality-altering gear are the next best thing in the world of tech, and as improvements are made, and new models are in the pipeline, these are some of the bests in the world at the moment. 

Oculus Quest 2

There was an Oculus Quest. But this Quest 2 model makes it look like it was made in the dark ages. With a 6GB memory and a recently expanded 128GB memory, it totally improves on everything from the original.
The Oculus Quest 2 was created by Facebook Technologies, a division of Meta. It was unveiled in mid-September 2020. It has a more powerful processor, more lightweight, and a sharper display than the Quest 1. It contains a volume rocker, two microphones, an eye mask that lets you adjust the position of the lenses, and a headband that has arms that pump sound into your ears directly without the need for headphones.
It also supports hand tracking, which means you can control the cameras just with hand movements and orientations.

Sony Playstation VR

Designed for use on the PS4 and PS4 Pro, this device is far less expensive than other VR headgear while bringing an improvement on most of the specs. With motion-tracking and high graphic capabilities, the PS VR remains a top choice among gamers because of its low price and ease of use.
Even with all these, it works with non-VR apps and games.

HTC Vive Cosmos 

Imagine a concert in the Metaverse, where there are no Covid Restrictions, no news of artistes being refused travel visas, where it doesn't matter if you're far from the stage (the virtual stage, of course) or near it because the sound would still be the same. Booming in your ears because, in reality, you're on your couch with your VR hardware.
Future, David Guetta, Young Thug, and even Ariana Grande, in conjunction with Fortnite, had theirs, and it had over 75 million viewers, with Grande reportedly making over 20 million dollars. Not only does it offer an easier way to connect with your audience, but it is also very lucrative for the artiste with infinitely less stress.
Doubtless, there would be more of these in 2022, as those who attended this past year are hungry for more. 

Valve Index VR Kit

The main attraction for the Valve Index is its finger controllers, a high resolution of 1600 by 1400 pixels, and a smooth refresh rate of 120Hz. There is also a controller and headset contained within the kit. And get this, it has a 130-degree field of view, better than even the Vive Pro 2 itself.

Other normal VR controllers give control to your index and thumb only with sensors that track their movements. But the controllers of the Valve Index track the movements of your entire fingers, making them better than that of the Oculus Quest 2 and a safe bet for die-hard PC gamers.

HP Reverb G2

The device is one of the best high-resolution PC VR headsets in the whole world, with fantastic audio and design.With 2160 by 2160 pixels per eye and a 114-degree field of view, you can look no further for a headset that can deliver an insanely high image quality.
It is a Microsoft Windows Mixed Reality headset with speakers designed by Valve and also works with Steam VR.


The Reverb is surely one of the best when it comes to image quality, but the Vive Pro is the absolute best. It. Is. Deliciously. Wicked. With a resolution of 4896 by 2448 per eye and a 120-degree field of view, no other headset comes close. It is currently the best headset money can buy when it comes to resolution. Coupled with the fact that it still has superb motion tracking, a large library of games to go, and an amazing refresh rate of 120Hz, whip out your credit card because this baby is a must-have for any VR enthusiast.

Oculus Rift S

Old but gold. It comes with an extensive library of games, excellent resolution, and refresh rate. If you don't want to spend a massive amount of cash but want a solid headset with good specs, this is your jam.
Facebook recently announced that they are going to discontinue the production of this particular device. So once the stock in circulation is exhausted, goodnight, Rift. So, this is just the best time as any to snatch one up.