URC Immersive Smart Home- A Fresh Perspective to Home Tour

by Guy Frum

Smart homes are rapidly becoming commonplace.
 Imagine coming home to a preprogrammed welcome-home theme, dim and increase lighting by voice commands, and even a goodnight relaxing scene when you're about to go to bed.
All automated with voice commands, a button and no stress. This is what URC Virtual Inspiration Home promises to give you a feel of, just with your headset, whenever you're looking to purchase a smart home and experience the features of a URC Total Control system. 
There is no need for physical appearances; put on your headset and enjoy the tour.

URC’s Virtual Inspiration Home

When it comes to smart home automation and control solutions, URC technology is one of the best globally, widely respected for its performance and reliability. Now, they have launched a showroom that allows users to experience the benefits of a Total Control system.

Their user interfaces include tabletop controllers, in-wall touch screens, handheld remotes, keypads and mobile apps. They also incorporated voice control, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant into the systems. URC systems are custom designed to suit their customer’s preferences and are installed and maintained by a group of professionally trained URC systems integration technicians.

In a world where photography-based virtual tours are fast becoming a norm, URC takes it a notch higher by delivering a more immersive and dynamic experience. This led to the creation of a highly detailed, expansive 360° virtual residence as the foundation for the smart home tour. The experience is accessible with any VR headset.


URC’s virtual home was created with the expertise of Dave Chance and his team at Cogent360.
"Our goal was to create an immersive, realistic experience that enables visitors to easily visualize and appreciate the benefits of a URC automation system.
Our knowledge and experience in the home technology space, combined with our diverse media design capabilities, enabled us to create a truly dynamic experience and an innovative means to launch new products," stated Dave Chace, Cogent360's president.

Total Control System

This system allows you to experience a variety of scenes which include Home Office, which helps in the integration of hike and work schedules; Outdoor Entertainment- helping set the scene for events near the pool or the spa; A goodnight theme and even a program for dinner parties.