Virtual models and the New York fashion week

by Dror Denishman

Exploring the intersection between fashion & 3d technology 

Models are the heart and soul of the fashion business and industry at large.
Brands are constantly seeking new ways to enhance product visibility and customer experience to generate a huge return on investment. Hence, it is not surprising to find your favorite celebrity clad in a Gucci or Prada outfit smiling professionally to lure customers and create representation.

Brands have discovered the somewhat unnecessary cost that comes with hiring and contracting life models to wear their products either at a ball, runway show, or a fashion exhibition, so they deploy new strategies to optimally minimize running cost and significantly boost profit and one of such creative methods is the creation of Virtual models.

Credit: Maisie Wilen

How is the metaverse redefining the scope of usual employment?

We can all remember our childhood memories where we savored all our favorite cartoon shows giggling and grinning from ear to ear.
Designers in a bid to prevent this crazy world from tampering with our inner peace and childlike wonder have sustained this age-long concept even in fashion exhibitions and weeks by creating a cartoon version of the human anatomy.

Models are shown and displayed using 3-dimensional technology to the consternation of viewers and fashion enthusiasts alike. Harry's poster was a significant part of the average individual's childhood and we were always in awe of the mechanics of his magic and insane illusions.

This illusion was ably reflected at the New York Fashion week using optical illusion to awe the audience by deploying high-resolution cameras and unique fabrics like mattified sequins to push the boundaries between reality and fantasy.
Designers like Maisie Schloss explored the potential of holographic models to create jaw-breaking fashion content at the fashion week. 

What's a fashion show without chills and controversy?
The virtual models displayed performed a series of repetitive movements like G.I.F.S we often use on various social media platforms.
This move is an adaptation of real-life runway modeling which we so often admire especially when done by A-list models like Naomi Campbell, Gigi Hadid, Bella Hadid, and Kendall Jenner. The use of virtual models clad in various amazing attires at the New York Fashion Week is a signal indicating more growth, exposure, and experience which the fashion industry would enjoy over the years.
This eco-friendly option exhibited at the New York Fashion week is 21st century focused and relevant since climate change is one of the burning discussions of our time.