Virtual Reality for Firefighters

by Dror Denishman

'Where there is a flame, someone is going to get burnt but just because it burns doesn't mean you are going to die' is a quote that Virtual reality doesn't agree with. Firefighters do not have to subject themselves to the unnecessary rigors of physical training and the injuries or maiming that may come with it. You can fight fire battles in your room with your wearables strapped on. Firefighters to prepare themselves for the increase in the occurrence of fire outbreaks as a result of modernization and frequent appliance use need an efficient trainer and practice structure. 

Virtual reality is a breath of fresh air and a ray of sunlight as it offers the best stimulation without the fear of injury, death, or complications that usually arise in the course of real-life sessions. It is an option that is cost-effective and resource-saving. We do not want to be sued by Greta Thunberg for depleting the ozone layer or degrading the atmosphere because of the smoke and soot which the fire exudes. With Virtual reality, we conserve water, prevent people from inhaling the deadly smoke that comes from burning materials and also save our environment from ruin.

How does it work?

The value of a thing lies in its relevance. With virtual reality for firefighters, they can undergo a series of training that have a good semblance with real-life ones.
They can increase the intensity of the fire so they would be able to cope with different situations. Also, they can change the scenario of the fire to match different kinds of real-life fire outbreaks ranging from industrial infernos to domestic ones. They would also learn professional ethics during the progression of the training. Firefighters are grilled on the do's and don'ts of emergencies, the words to say to a person in distress or shock, techniques to ensure that the hero doesn't become the victim or sufferer of a fire- outbreak.

Sometimes, we have to learn from our failures and mistakes to prevent making irredeemable ones.
VR readily presents the option of correctable mistakes after all the flame is not physical. On the other hand, a real-life practice session doesn't afford one the luxury of correction as a single mistake may portend danger both for the individual in question and other participants.
VR takes away the burden and jitters associated with real-life practice sessions as firefighters are allowed to learn in an immersive, calm, and engaging atmosphere.