Why everyone is talking about the green planet ar experience

by Anastasia Deripaska

Look around and absorb the beauty of your surroundings. Examine the details, the birds flapping their wings, the breeze gently blowing across the rows of similar houses, the dogs yapping wildly.
What do you notice? Trees, flowers, and greens tastefully decorating the atmosphere with their various sizes, unique leaves, and arrangement, animals adding to the color of the atmosphere with their different colors, range, and diversity. Flora and Fauna are indeed fabulous.
 Perhaps one might wonder what's the fuss about the green planet experience? The green planet AR (Augmented reality) experience involves a virtual tour guide Sir David Attenborough taking excited users across 6 different enhanced environments to explore various locations that one might not have the opportunity to access in real- life.
Exploring the rain forest and the damp sensation sending tingles down your spine doesn't seem like a bad idea.

Perhaps why everyone is talking about this innovation in the UK is its partnership with EE 5G to create a pleasant experience for users and expand the technological reach of the United Kingdom.

A little growth wouldn’t hurt, yeah?
The free trial of this invention runs from early February to early March. The sold version of this creation has surpassed its sales limits. Also, the virtual host Sir David Attenborough is loved by adults and children alike in the realm of broadcasting and entertainment hence, users are assured of a soothing experience while exploring the components of nature. It seems as though the consumers have a soft spot for this invention as it is the first of its kind in the world of AR exploration.

Nature exploration doesn't have to be intense and serious as writing the medical board exams. It should be immersive, engaging, and interesting. The green planet AR invention with the aid of the functioning phone enables the trees to come to life. 

The invention aims to simply keep our environment safe from degradation and danger. The Green planet AR is PRO environment and eco-friendly. The Green planet innovation seeks to inform the world populace about the intricacies of our environment through exploration.

Perhaps, we could create our version of Dora the explorer without boring ourselves with the botanical names of plants and scientific names of animals. Education and high-end innovation don't seem like bad ideas.

Shakira was right when she said hips don't lie but numbers will never lie. The Green planet AR has gathered a huge following since its introduction into the tech landscape as people want to explore and exploit new terrains for exposure, education, and enlightenment about our dear mother earth.