Woojer Partners With Slipknot To Amp Up Knotfest

Woojer and Slipknot are uniting for an unforgettable music experience.

Woojer is now an official sponsor of heavy metal band Slipknot’s touring festival Knotfest 2022, big news for music fans everywhere. As Knotfest continues to rock across the US before kicking off the European leg of its tour, Woojer is happy to be getting fans back into seats for the live music festival of the year.

Maggots (the nickname for Slipknot fans) can look forward to pairing Woojer’s Strap Edge and Vest Edge with Slipknot’s rocking guitar riffs and pounding kick drums.If you’re as excited for Knotfest as we are here at Woojer, you can enter our giveaway to win one of 100 Slipknot tickets for the Knotfest Roadshow 2022 in the city of your choice.

Knotfest 2022 Details

Though it’s headlined by Slipknot, Knotfest 2022 is a full music festival with many bands on offer. The first leg of the tour featured In This Moment and Wage War.

Future performances will see Cypress Hill and HO9909 joining Slipknot to blow Maggots away.
Slipknot is headed by lead singer Corey Taylor alongside eight other members. The band recently saw the departure of percussionist Chris Fehn in 2019 and the death of founding member and Slipknot drummer Joey Jordison in 2021.

The Knotfest Roadshow will be hitting the western US, including shows in Washington, Nevada, and California, before crossing to Europe. Next, Maggots in Romania, Italy, Austria, Czechia, Germany, Switzerland, Slovakia, Poland, Belarus, Estonia, Finland, and Sweden will get to rock out at Knotfest.
All of these shows have tickets up for grabs through Woojer’s sweepstakes. 

Why Do Maggots Love Woojer?

Woojer’s Strap Edge and Vest Edge are meant to make you feel music, rather than just hearing it. Maggots missing the experience of being at a roaring Slipknot concert will appreciate being able to get a slice of that right at home.

The Strap Edge and Vest Edge act as wearable speakers that sync with your headphones. But while your headphones handle the high frequency sounds, Woojer takes care of the low frequencies where metal artists like Slipknot really shine.

The oscillator on a Woojer vest or strap pounds out soundwaves up to 200 Hz, and down to subsonic frequencies. For users, this means crisp, undistorted sound with all the kick of a giant subwoofer speaker in one compact wearable piece of gear.

Now’s the perfect time to get hyped for Knotfest by trying out some of your favorite Slipknot songs on a Strap Edge or a Vest Edge for out-of-this-world sound.

If you ready to rock with Woojer and Slipknot, check out the giveaway and enter now for your chance to win Knotfest tickets, courtesy of Woojer.