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[Closed] Getting Started with your Woojer Vest™  


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Getting Started:

1. Charge your Vest! For safety reasons, your Vest was shipped with almost zero battery. Please make sure you give it a full charge before first use. Use the provided charger (inside the triangle box) and wait until the indication light (on the front control unit) turns green.

2. While your Vest is charging...take a while to read the user manual. 

3. Before you start using your Vest, always make sure that your audio source volume is set to max. You can then adjust the volume levels on the Vest's control unit.

Testing Stereo mode:

You can test this mode via any PC or Mobile using the provided USB cable or a 3.5mm Aux cable or simply via Bluetooth. 

What you should test:

Any stereo content (e.g. Music, Games, Movies etc.)

Testing 7.1 Full-surround Haptic Mode (multichannel):

You can test this mode via a PC (recommended) or a supporting mobile phone (e.g. Samsung Galaxy S9). When tested with mobile, you will need an adapter (USB Type A female to either USB-C male or Micro USB male. Depending on your mobile phone).

1. For 7.1 mode, you must be connected via the provided USB cable. 

2. For PC - you should download & configure the C-media driver. Use this link for detailed instructions.

3. The content you test must be a surround sound content.

  •  We highly recommend you try some of these Dolby ATMOS samples (start with the Leaf 7.1 and Amaze 7.1 demos and thank us later...): Download here. 


For more detailed information about various devices and connection types - you can read more on our support center (more articles, drawings, and movies will be added gradually within the next couple of weeks).

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