Vest stops working ...

Vest stops working randomly  


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24/02/2019 1:27 am  

I have noticed that my vest will sometimes just stop working.  I am connected using blue tooth with a Pimax 5k VR headset.  I can start a game and the vest will be working and then I go to another game and the vest will suddenly no longer be working.  My computer still indicates that it is connected to the vest audio for playback and the vest is still solid orange indicating that it is still connected.  When this happens I usually have to restart my computer before the vest will work again.  I can't connect using either the 3.5 mm jack or usb, because it messes up the tracking of my headset as I noted in a another post on the forum.  I have had other similar issues with the vest reliably working when I first try and use it.  Hopefully these issues can be resolved because it is making the vest frustrating to use.

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03/03/2019 7:24 pm  

@acegamer We can confirm that there is some issue with both Pimax and the Vest working together. We are still investigating this, we will come up with answers.