You can actually li...

You can actually listen to music while playing a game, with Vest only reacting to the game  


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08/06/2019 4:05 pm  

I figured this out recently by coincidence and this is great, because so far I was under the impression that I would have to make a decision to either use my Vest or to listen to music while playing.

The game and media player might possibly matter for this, so I'm going to mention it, it's  Deep Rock Galactic (supporting 7.1) and my Media Player is Winamp.

Basically the music is playing and Vest is reacting to it, then I start the game and while going through the splash screens Vest is still reacting to both. Now after the start screen showing recent update logs (DRG doesn't use a real title menu), when I'm actually in game, I typically hear a quiet crack and this is the point were Vest stops responding to the music and instead only reacts to the game.

Not sure if this is a fully intended feature or rather a bug having to do with the fact that that the game is switching from stereo to 7.1, but it doesn't really matter anyways.