Fitness Gear & Accessories For a Fun Workout Session

If you’ve read some of our reviews of headphones and speakers for audiophiles, you know that the best accessories and gear are essential for truly experiencing anything to its fullest potential. What about fitness? Throw the old-school thinking about fitness out the window, and open your mind to the 3 best types of fitness gear and accessories for a fun-filled workout session.

1. Apps for circuit training

Circuit training is one of the best ways to burn calories, get your heart rate up and have fun while you’re doing it. Many fitness fans of today build their own playlists on iTunes, YouTube or Spotify for circuit training. However there are apps that can do it for you. These apps have a library of music that correspond with each set’s time and energy level, to synch you up perfectly with your workout. Your heart rate and energy match the music, bringing your workout into perfect harmony.


Spring – Music for Running and Walking is available exclusively in the App Store, with plans for Android in the works. They’ve been rated as one of the top fitness apps by Women’s Health Magazine and CNN. Along with a GPS tracker, the app is compatible with the Apple Watch, syncs your workout with music that corresponds to what you’re doing and provides fitness tips and motivation. For example, if you are walking, the tempo will be slower; if you’re running, of course the rhythm will be faster, to get you going and inspired.

Woojer can be a great addition to your circuit training mix, by encouraging more movement and focus into your workout.

2. Smart fitness bands

These bands burst onto the fitness scene when FitBit and Jawbone took center stage in 2011, Nike quickly following in 2012. They revolutionized the way people work out and track their fitness goals.

FitBit Blaze

FitBit’s newest device, FitBit Blaze, is a smartwatch and fitness band in one. Some of it’s cooler features include a heart rate monitor and a workout tracker that gives step-by-step coaching and music control, connecting you to the music on your smartphone. And it has all the basic features of a smartwatch — watch out Apple!

Misfit’s Activity Crystal

Other fitness devices similar to a band are the stylish fitness necklace and bracelets, especially convenient for women. Misfit recently paired up with Swarovski to design an “Activity Crystal” (yes, you read that right) that tracks daily activity and has a four-month battery life. The user can wear it either as a necklace or a bracelet and can interchange the accessory that holds the crystal.

3. Furniture to keep you fit

The majority of furniture, especially chairs, are still not anatomically designed for the human body. As we see more corporate awareness of this problem, evidenced by the rise of standing and treadmill desks, there is still room to grow on this front.

We’ve all seen the stereotypical pictures of startup employees bouncing on balance balls while they type or code away at their computer. Maybe some people’s backs can withstand that position for hours, but most can’t. That’s why they’ve upgraded the balance ball to be a balance ball chair. You get the original fun buoyancy with added back support.

Gaiam’s Balance Ball Chair

Gaiam’s version of the balance ball chair has over 2,500 reviews on Amazon, the vast majority of which are positive. If you’re using it at work, you can bump some high energy tunes while wearing Woojer to keep up your stamina up. You can even use it at home while you’re chilling or eating to increase core strength while keeping your back supported. Lastly, it’s just plain fun!

Let’s get sweaty

Incorporating fitness gear into your routine can help with motivation and staying on top of your fitness goals. We’ve reviewed a few of the latest fitness gear and accessories to spark some interest and hopefully some momentum. From apps to jewelry to bouncy balls, bringing some fun into your workout activities can get you going and keep you in motion.

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