Haptics: A Gamer’s Fantasy

A Gamer’s Fantasy

Are you a true gamer? As a passionate gamer, you devote tons of time and play on a regular basis. You’re also on top of the upcoming game titles, especially the ones in your favorite genre. You appreciate the art of making great games.

Most of all – you want to have the optimal gaming experience. You seek the synergized power of graphics, sound design and storytelling that all gear towards your immersion is everything.

How do you prepare for perfectly synergised gaming?

So far, to be on the cutting edge, you got your hands on a kick-ass computer with the sharpest graphic display and a gamer’s headset with a mic. For even more immersion the next step was to move up to VR. Getting a VR headset is truly a plus.

But is VR really the ultimate experience? While you may be immersed in the visuals of a VR game with an Oculus or a Vive, you still miss a lot of the vibes you get from a full blown sound system: blasts, vibrations, stormy weather, shrieking bullets and trembling. You hear it all but you don’t get the physical experience.

“Ahh….if only I could feel the game!”  

It may sound like a fantasy. You may think it’s impossible to experience real life immersion with games. But something new is lurking and coming your way.

Haptics is Game-Changing Gear

What if you knew that there is a new gaming accessory you can get today that will turn your game-playing on it’s head? It’s so awesome, it will leave you gasping for air. It’s called haptics, or haptic technology. And it’s going change everything.

If you don't know about haptics, read about haptic technology here.

Strap™ and Vest™ by Woojer are haptic devices which do just that.

Strap™ is a super light, wearable that is worn in a variety of ways around your torso to get a comfortable fit. While being minimalistic – it delivers powerful sensation. Vest™ is, similarly, also a mighty wearable – it’s a haptic gaming suit. Vest™ covers your body with even more transducers to deliver more feedback.

Every sound we hear generates a “physical” signature and our body responds to the width, depth, rhythm and beat. This is exactly what happens when haptic effects are added to your game. Strap™ and Vest™ both deliver the physical sensation that has been missing from the virtual game environment.

Gaming Reborn

Playing a game with Vest™ is completely different to any gaming experience. You do not just play, you exist within the game’s world. If you ever played an action game while confronting multiple “enemies” you’ll easily relate to this problem: often gamers are frustrated by not noticing the direction from where you are being attacked. It can make you lose a game after game even after you reached a very advanced level. It’s not that you are not good enough. You simply didn’t get info to assess the attack in time. With haptic feedback you’ll have enough physical cues to prepare for an attack. Haptic feedback makes you better ‘fully immersed’ within the game’s scenario.

Another great example is that of a game scenario in which there is a fire or a bridge trembles and starts to collapse behind you. These type of scenarios that often get on a player’s nerves. Without haptics is simply too hard to predict whether the fire is spreading or the bridge is about to crumble! All the tactile clues we take for granted in real life are missing.

Strap is haptic gaming to suit your needs.

This changes completely when you play a game with Strap™ or Vest™. The missing audible and tangible cues are finally given their proper place. Every sound generates a haptic sensation that goes through your body. This vibration will give you an indication of the sounds’ location as well as help you analyse your environment. Moreover, Vest™ will enable you actually sense the breathtaking environment that has been meticulously crafted in both graphics and sound – even if all you want to do is just to game.

Feeling the game has never been easier.

So what are you waiting for?

Full immersion starts here…

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