You know it’s healthy, but still can’t carry through?

When it comes to fitness, whether you care to stay in shape or simply want to feel better in your skin, we all agree about these two elementary things.

One, fitness is important. It’s a crucial factor in managing our health at top level, and looking our best. Two, fitness is sometimes – or truly, most of the time – just so hard to get to do! Naturally, everybody has a personal preference in a type of workout, but nearly all of us fail at times to simply get out the door and take that jog, run, yoga or swimming time.

Let’s call in the beast: Resistance!


This urge to skip an exercise is simply resistance. Although it’s a natural instinct to avoid pain and limit suffering, it is unavoidably keeping us farther away from our health, workout and life goals.

So what can one do, honestly, to fight that tingling resistance away?

For many, a common solution has been music. Creating a special playlist is an exciting thing to wait for, if knowingly you keep to hear it only on the run outside. However, sometimes you simply do not have the time to refresh your playlist on a regular basis. Other times, you are too used to exercising with music that the excitement effect from the beginning is simply reduced over time. You might think your tunes motivate you enough, but you forget to check what is happening in reality. Is your pace really still improving? Or are you staying with the same old results, or worse, falling back?

A haptic Strap means a new route to fitness motivation

The expression upon a person’s face when first trying on a haptic wearable like the Woojer Strap™ is that of pure joy mixed with awe. What can you do? The amazement of feeling a game’s sound or a beat from a popular song in your body catches you completely off-guard.

Plus, with a minimal design that adjusts perfectly to your figure, it is hard to remember after a few seconds that this sensation is caused by an external device. It truly feels like it is coming from within you, and has always been a part of your body. When you do take it off, however, the world and your environment feel a little bit senseless.

When applied to fitness, this sense effect is even stronger. It’s all coming down to the basic fact that fitness is a physical challenge. So, when you wear and fit that Strap over your body, you give it a new physical feeling that overcomes the physical challenge. It means that your struggle is still there, only now it’s off to the background. You focus on the beat of the playlist instead of focusing on your pain. Literally only when you take the Strap off you will feel the force of your post-workout full muscle tension again.


You can be born anew, because it is crafted for you.

Woojer haptic Strap™ is made with the thought of both the professional athlete and the starting trainee in mind. So, it does not matter how often you exercise or what pace you usually go for. You can find Strap a great enhancement to both tough exercises as a professional personal trainer, and occasional power sessions at the gym or at home. All reasons and occasions to wear it on are great.

Furthermore, you can enjoy even more activities when you have the Strap. So even a soothing listening session at home while working on your computer, or simply calming down, can transform into a new experience. You will be able to focus more on the refreshing feeling than on irrelevant, busy thoughts. Next, you can let other people try it on too, though careful: they may not give it back so quickly 🙂

We have many fitness trainers that already started working with Woojer. Their feedback is super important to us, and so far, they all agree: People train better with Woojer. And then, they can’t imagine how they did it before Strap came in.

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