Candy Crush? Minecraft? Or plain old Fifa – whatever your guilty pleasure, you deserve to get the most out of your gaming experience. Regardless of the platform you choose to play on, whether it’s amazing sound, outstanding graphics or a super comfortable chair, we’ve outlined the essentials for you to have the best possible gaming experience.

Hardware and Software

Many games have a multiplayer option and if you’re going down that avenue, then you’re going to need a headset for communicating and planning strategies. The HyperX headset is super-soft making it easy to wear for hours, and if you’d like to add a little sparkle to your gaming experience, check out the Axenet Wear. As well as looking cool, users can share what they’re listening to through cat ears speakers integrated into the headset.

Also, we all know that a good game is nothing without good graphics and for you to enjoy your favourite game and get the best gaming experience, this is an area worth investing in. Upgrading your graphics drivers will give you a better performance which means a more enjoyable gaming experience.

We’ll let you in on a little secret – game makers often work together with the big graphic processing unit (GPUs) companies such as Intel and nVidia, to make games faster. There is nothing more frustrating than having a lag or delay in your game but with a good graphics driver you can wave goodbye to these problems and open the doors to a much better experience.

Specialty Keyboards & Controllers

Having to change between keyboard, mouse and joystick mid-game is a nuisance; King’s Assembly is an elegant combination of all three. This bonkers device puts an end to the frustrations of having to switch between mouse and keyboard. Type, navigate and play with this interesting gadget that will give you more time and attention to concentrate on your game.

Plus, we think most products with the phrase ‘full of awesome‘ in their tagline, are worth checking out.
For a gaming beginner, the Corsair K70 RGB Rapidfire is provides an excellent experience with highly responsive keys. And we all know that for every good keyboard you need a good mouse.

The Logitech G502 has an inherently comfortable shape and conveniently laid out buttons; everything you need to enjoy your game, in one accessible place.

Choose the Best Seating Arrangements

Having a comfortable seat, whether it’s in front of your desktop, games console or even your phone or tablet, makes a big difference to your gaming experience. Needing to shift positions or finding yourself with a cranky neck, could cause you to lose levels and lives.
If you’re comfortable, the gaming session can last longer making the whole experience a much more pleasant and positive one.
Chairs such as the X Rocker that have built-in speakers will give you surround sound of the game you’re currently playing, and allow you to game on whilst tilting, swiveling or simply laying back in total relaxation.

Headphones / Better audio / Speakers

Spot your enemies from afar, or lose yourself in the soothing music of an exploration game with a superior device for audio. With headphones such as the Siberia 350 by SteelSeries, you can be in full control of the sound from bass to EQ. Drown out the background noise and immerse yourself in the gaming world with good audio equipment.

Haptic Devices

What better way to dive into the world of gaming than to fully immerse yourself in the game and actually feel it?
Video games are heading towards a new era with technology that is geared at tapping into every single one of our senses. Better sound and graphics have been at the forefront of research and technological advancement, but the spotlight is now on Haptics.

We have a highly sophisticated way of interacting with our environment, something which Woojer is making the most of. With Woojer’s revolutionary technology, you can feel every movement, every punch, every step and every fall and experience the impact to your body. Clip it on to your belt or simply slide it over a shirt, and get a rumble through your chest, as though you were actually in the game.

For a fully immersive, enhanced gaming experience, it doesn’t get better than Woojer.

Whichever platform you choose to game on, with these tips you’re sure to get the best gaming experience.