Establish Your Inner Peace with Haptics

Establishing inner peace – not an easy task

As we progress into the 21st century there is a growing focus on achieving inner peace. Generally, it all comes down to the right work/life balance to maintain our wellbeing. Forming habits that lead to improved wellbeing is important to each one of us. The exact habits may be subjective and our sense of wellbeing differ. However, some basic concepts – like slowing down, stretching our limbs and incorporating music are common solutions.

Identifying calming activities is real challenge. For some of us, Yoga and Pilates are just too slow. Meditation can be even worse, as it asks for total silence and limited external stimuli. Having no stimuli is tough!

Achieving relaxation is not elementary

So how do you truly relax?

Like establishing any new habit, the key is do it gradually. Introducing a meditation or relaxation habit in a gradual manner will improve your chances of success. Often however, you may still find it hard to get into the zone. Sometimes concentrating on a slow stretch or on nothingness is alien to our mind. You wish you had even the littlest thing to focus on. Focusing on your breathing is a common tip, but it can get boring – especially in the beginning. Going into nature is another solution, but it is not always accessible. So other than that, it’s unclear how to achieve that extra relaxation with minimal effort.

For many people music and soothing sounds are ideal to induce relaxation and focus. However, simply listening to music, unlike immersing in a natural soundscape, can also disturb your breathing focus. And sometimes music is good but just not enough. We keep wondering, is there another way?

Haptics can boost your wellbeing routine

Haptics can be a perfect solution. The gentle vibrations through your body mesh seamlessly into your meditation and relaxation session. Incorporating haptics together with your music you’ll get extra sensation that match the beat. So regardless to the music you never quite lose your focus.

A good example for that is the Woojer Strap™. It is a compact, lightweight wearable that features two powerful transducers that duplicate the low frequencies of sound. Accompanying the track you play, these vibrating transducers deliver a full-surround sensation – allowing you to immerse in the moment and focus.

Using a haptic also means that the volume can be extremely low and you’ll still ‘be’ in the music. On top of that you’ll relax without getting bored and growing tired. Therefore, you can expect the relaxation session to last longer with Strap™. You’ll have an easier time establishing your meditation, yoga or relaxation habit – you will even wait impatiently for the next session.

Enjoy mundane work with haptic vibes

Haptics also have the ability to to enhance activities that can be dubbed as ‘mundane work’. Cleaning the house, washing the dishes or cooking a meal has to be done. However, many of us simply don’t enjoy getting it done. Too often it feels like a demanding chore and we can end up procrastinating.

Music if often listened to in order to make these tasks more bearable – but imagine if you can take this to the next level. Having music actually playing on your body is complete immersion and you’ll be more ‘into’ the music than ‘into’ washing your floors.

So by simply wearing Strap™ you can find that you did not only wash the floors, you’re actually done with the dishes and the car wash too. You may even be more relaxed that before started.

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