The productivity trick of successful audio professionals

Our world moves at a crazying pace. In many occupations we work remotely and on-the-go. This trend is growing year after year with the increased performance of portable computers. Even aircraft and train connectivity which until recently has been problematic, is now is pretty much standard. But can you really be productive during travel?

This is an issue especially when it comes to DJs and audio engineers who travel constantly and extensively. Whether you’re on the move to seek new opportunities, to perform, to collaborate, or even just to attend one of your favorite artists’ gig – these are precious hours when given the opportunity you’d love to work on your craft.

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Productivity for audio professionals is tricky

The catch with editing sound tracks on-the-go is that you truly depend on your ‘studio environment’. Other than your setup with the perfect editing programs and your favourite headset,  you need a good low-frequency reference to be able to craft your magic. Professional sound studios obviously have all of this built-in, but when you travel you’re at a loss.

As a result, working with in a non-ideal environment makes your creativity and productivity suffer. It can be very disappointing given how much inspiration you may have being on the road. The sensation of going on an adventure and seeing new places is truly enriching. But how can you benefit from this inspiration when you are not on home ground?

Haptics let you take your studio with you

Woojer’s Strap™ is a new haptic product. Haptic technology enables you to literally feel the vibes and therefore makes the perfect portable studio.

The polyphonic physical sensation you get with Strap when hooked up to your portable sound editor are blissful. You can truly feel fine variations in beat and tone. It’s the vibes you feel in a super-equipped studio or at a great performance. This is a tool that can transform not only your productivity, but your whole understanding of sound.

With haptics, you can work in places you couldn’t imagine.

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Create your flexible studio wherever you are.

The lightweight wearable Strap™ fits all sizes. From there on, all you have to do is to plug it into your sound source, e.g. your computer, and play. Strap™ will ensure you get the ‘studio’ feeling with vibes that accurately simulate the acoustics of an audio production studio. That way, you could master your mix on the road and create some of your best work.

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