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Amp up the vibe with STRAP 3 from Woojer. Whether it’s your workout, music, or gaming STRAP 3 is the perfect on-the-go or stay-at-home device to take your multi-media experience to the next level of immersion.
$229.00 $179.00

For gamers and music lovers on-the-go

For gaming and music on-the-go

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VEST 3 brings you a whole new level of immersion, so realistic that it will raise everything from your heart rate to the hairs on the back of your neck. Fully compatible with computers, VR headsets, gaming consoles, and mobile phones. VEST 3 provides the most powerful haptic technology with 360º directional feedback that allows you to feel it before you see it!
$599.00 $499.00

For gaming, VR, movies and audio professionals

For gaming, VR, movies and audio

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For a limited time only, Woojer and Call of Duty have collaborated to bring you the newest sensation in the gaming industry. Elevate your style with custom designs officially licensed by Activision.
$249.00 $199.00

Limited Edition STRAP 3
Call of Duty

Limited Edition STRAP 3 Call of Duty

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