5 Useful Samsung Gear VR Accessories

With virtual reality making the head-lines almost every other week, it’s clear that VR technology is here to stay and is changing our lives for the better.

So you’ve got the Samsung Gear VR headset and you’ve popped your phone in.

It’s time to play.

Rather than simply plugging in your headphones and having the same old experience you’re already used to, we recommend taking a look at these useful Samsung Gear VR accessories below, to get the most out of your virtual reality experience.

Bluetooth Gamepad


Some of the games and experiences you’ll be having on the Samsung Gear VR allow you to walk around, investigate, and explore. In order to do that without using the fiddly trackpad on the side of the headset, you’ll need a good bluetooth controller that will allow you to explore without using the dial. And what better controller to use than the original matching Samsung Gamepad?

One of the best things about this controller is that It’s wireless, meaning you’re free to move around as much as you like. And because it’s compact in size, you can easily throw it in your bag and take it over to a friend’s house for gaming with others.


Feel The Impact

VR headsets and accessories traditionally only engage two out of our five senses. A haptic device such as Woojer allows you to fully immerse yourself in the game or experience whilst using your VR headset. Imagine a door slamming in front of you. Or a bowling ball dropping on the floor.

These trigger a physical response that you are able to feel. In a gaming environment however, these triggers are lost as they can’t be transferred through headphones.

With Woojer’s haptic device you’ll be able to get back the rich sensation you get from sound. You’ll be able to feel your game. If you’re looking for the ultimate accessory, this is the one to go for. You’ll never be able to put on a VR headset without it ever again.


Samsung Gear VR Cover


There’s nothing more frustrating than putting on a sweaty, sticky VR headset. With a lightweight cotton cover that fits snugly over the foam part of your headset, you can protect your headset and play for longer in absolute comfort.

Bluetooth Headphones


When playing on the a VR headset, it is easy to be distracted by background noise; whether it’s drilling from road works outside, a phone call somebody’s having in the room next door, or the noisy neighbours from upstairs.

With a good pair of headphone you can truly immerse yourself in a virtual world and forget about distractions. Furthermore, with a pair of noise cancelling headphones, the minute you put on your VR headset you’ll feel like you’re truly in the game.

And the good thing about bluetooth connectivity is that there won’t be any annoying cables interfering as you play.


Screen Cloth

Let’s face it, without a mobile, the Samsung Gear VR is just a plastic box. And whether it’s running, jumping, skipping, or moving out of the way of an oncoming virtual shark or even zombie, you’re going to want to protect your phone.

Wipe away the peanut butter marks left by little sticky fingers, and give yourself the sharpest viewing experience by using a microfiber cloth. Make the most out of your screen and enhance your gaming experience.


Whether it’s playing the latest version of Minecraft, or simply enjoying an underwater tour of the Atlantic Ocean, these Samsung Gear VR accessories will take your experience to a whole new level of fun.

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