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As of September 25th, 2018, Woojer launched its new Kickstarter campaign for Vest™ – our brand new, bone-shaking, location-specific haptic vest. 

With stunning tactile simulations of everything from the most subtle and delicate details, right through to explosive havoc and mayhem, it really is #allthefeels.

Designed to add an unprecedented level of realism to games, films and music, it’s fair to say that there’s nothing else like it.

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Meet Vest™

Vest™ is a bonafide game-changer, engineered to transmit scintillating haptic sensations.

From pushing the envelope with games that push right back, to fully immersive VR, jaw-dropping cinema and music that bumps, thumbs and grinds – Vest™ will breathe life into your favs!

Vest™ has 8 location-specific haptic zones! And each zone has an “Osci™ inside” – Woojer’s patented Oscillating Frame Actuator which is 3X more powerful than those used in our previous products, providing an immersive, powerful & accurate experience impossible to create with anything else.

Vest™ is a key tool for game & VR developers, and offers a new horizon of immersive feedback.

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Press Release

Bone-shaking haptic vest by Woojer gives gamers the goosebumps they’ve been waiting for

Woojer shatters its initial Kickstarter goal of $50,000 raising more than 400% in less than two weeks, with the Woojer Vest™ haptic vest that creates a sensory experience for VR aficionados and gamers of any skill level

California – October 8th, 2018 – Woojer Ltd., the team pioneering the field of haptic technology, launches the Woojer Vest™ haptic vest. Built with 8 location-specific haptic zones, the Woojer Vest transports gamers and viewers into their virtual worlds with a full sensory experience. The powerful haptics offered by the Woojer Vest™ vest are felt throughout the body, taking games, music, movies and VR/AR to intense levels unlike never before. Now on Kickstarter, Woojer Vest™ has raised more than $200,000 raised in less than two weeks.

Imagine the last time you plugged into Ready Player One, or Assassin’s Creed. Chances are, no matter how realistic the graphics are, or how real The Oasis appears you still can’t feel like you’re W.O.W. Imagine being so immersed in a game to a point that your body feels the footsteps coming towards you, the rain falling down your body, the breath of a dinosaur, or even the sensation being shot. Woojer Vest™’s vest uses polyphonic haptic technology to do what other backpacks, gloves and rumble packs can’t, a bone-shaking VR and gaming experience you’ll feel all over your body with:

  • Plug-and-play: Automatic audio detection signal with a built-in 7.1 surround card and 8 location-specific haptic zones, so you feel things you never thought possible.
  • Off-the-hook bluetooth: Connectivity for wireless stereo, including an embedded BLE for future firmware updates, means you’re gonna be hooked for life.
  • Crazy powerful transducers: 8X Osci™ patented transducers, so powerful that leaves you unambiguously shaken and stirred.
  • Super accurate: It nails even the most delicate micro-sensations: Directional, sensitive, and dynamic. You break out in a chronic case of goosebumps.
  • Unity and unreal SDKs: It works amazing out-of-the-box but if needed, Woojer’s SDK allows developers to manipulate and optimize any content with sub-sonic & psychoacoustic haptic effects.

“If I had to choose a single piece of gear that can take gaming & VR to the next level, Woojer’s Vest™ is miles ahead of the competition,” said Peter Chou, co-Founder & ex-CEO at HTC.

The near zero latency ensures that the haptic feedback is in complete sync with the soundtrack. This together with subsonic tactile sensations catapults entertainment experiences to unexpected heights.

Kickstarter backers can receive a Vest™ starting at $549, which is $250 off the suggested retail price.  Additionally, Woojer is announcing additional reward levels for developers starting at $699, which also includes an earlier shipping date.

“We’re really excited about the success of Vest™ on Kickstarter, so far,” said Kfir Bar-Levav, CEO of Woojer. “We’re getting phenomenal feedback from top creators that already have our Dev-Kits and we hope that together with the Kickstarter community, Vest™ will become the industry standard in haptics for the entertainment industry.”

Woojer Ltd is now inviting additional backers to their Kickstarter campaign, live until September 25th.


Woojer is a pioneer in the field of haptic technology with a fundamental patent portfolio and products that deliver high fidelity tactile sensation, reproducing the rich emotion of sound. The Woojer team of enthusiasts, developers, artists, and engineers understand the intertwined relationship between sound, vision, emotion, and immersion, and have a proven track record of bringing disruptive products to market.

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At Woojer, we are a team that understands the relationship between sound, video, emotion and immersion. We’re a group of enthusiasts, developers, artists and engineers with proved track record of bringing disruptive products to market.

We’re super excited to show you our newest project that has the potential to change many industries for the better, and bringing people closer to the immersive content of today, and the future.

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