Ready. Play. Feel.

Vest™ will be available in 2018. Enter your email below to get a special discount when it’s launched…

Ready. Play. Feel.

Vest™ will be available early 2018. Enter your email below to get a special discount when it’s launched…

The ultimate game and VR experience.

Vest™ completely immerses you into your experience allowing you to live worlds that do not exist. Whether playing games or in a VR world, the location-specific sensation catapults you to new heights by literally letting you feel your environment. 

A Sophisticated Touch

The Vest™ lightweight ergonomic design enables comfortable use for extended periods while delivering 360-degree immersiveness. The customizable fastening system ensures that one size fits all.  

A fully immersive encounter

The precise high-fidelity haptic transducers deliver multiple sensory input to both the front and the rear of the body thereby creating a full-surround experience.

Location-specific full-surround haptic feedback

6 Osci™ transducers. 2 front & 4 rear

Up to 8hr Reachargable battery

8 Channel USB input

Bluetooth & 3.5mm stereo connectivity

Future over-the-air firmware update enabled

feel every blow

“Gaming is ready to get an extra layer of authenticity” 

live your virtual worlds

“Makes Virtual reality a bit less virtual…Vest vibrates you right into VR”

Theater just became personal

“A new consumer wearable that offers an innovative technique…previously experienced only in theaters”


  • Weight – 1.75 kg.
  • Size – One size fits all
  • USB (8 Channel location-specific)
  • Standard 3.5mm audio jack (stereo) 
  • Bluetooth (stereo)
  • Bluetooth Range – 10 meters
  • BLE – For future software updates
  • Battery Capacity –21.0V ; 3.5Ah 

In the box

  • One size fits all VEST (including six 52mm Woojer Oscillating Frame Actuators)
  • Audio cable (3.5mm jacks)
  • USB cable
  • Charger 
  • Instruction manual

Meet Strap™

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