Meet Osci™

Haptic Technology Redefined

The patented Oscillating Frame Actuators deliver outstanding performance with an optimal combination of tactile sensation, size, weight and power consumption, making it the most precise and realistic haptic technology ever built. 

Powerful and Accurate™

In complete contrast to existing mechanical haptic actuators – Woojer created a revolutionary polyphonic haptic technology that behaves like a musical instrument. The patented component delivers an exceptional haptic experience with extraordinary benefits to a wide range of sensory applications.

Woojer osci technology

The world’s most
realistic haptics

The Osci™ cutting-edge element, ingenious in its simplicity, is a closed loop metallic frame that forms the load-bearing structure of oscillating permanent magnets. The frictionless motion guarantees precise harmonic reproduction and reduces distortion. To further fine-tune the haptic sensation, the frequency response is tailored by modifying the cross section of the frame.

Personal & silent

The Osci™ actuator is designed without a resonator and generates the haptic sensation while maintaining complete silence. Placement of the actuators on body hotspots convince the brain, through the principle of Perceptual Inference (auto-completion), that the entire body is exposed to the high acoustic energy.

Woojer osci technology
Woojer osci technology

Less is more

The Osci™ design utilizes an “I” shaped core as the transducer’s stator and the human body as the resonator. This combination minimizes the number of elements and ensures that the Osci™ is compact and lightweight.

Sub-sonic sensations

Osci™ actuators deliver rich polyphonic vibrations that accurately reproduce and play frequencies up to 200Hz including subsonic frequencies that are below the threshold of the human ear (1-20Hz).

Woojer osci technology
Woojer osci technology

Game on.
and on…and on...

The frictionless motion combined with the small magnetic field gradients of the circular magnets and the unique “I” shaped core, result in minimal energy consumption for the powerful haptic sensation.