About Us

Woojer is a pioneer in the field of haptic technology with a fundamental patent portfolio and products that deliver high fidelity tactile sensation which reproduce the rich emotion of sound.

Our team are visionaries who understand the intertwined relationship between sound, vision, emotion and immersion.

The Woojer team has a proven track record of bringing disruptive products to market and are backed by influential industry leaders.

“Woojer also adds an extra element of sensory immersion…it’s as close as I’m ever likely to get to experiencing a Spinal Tap concert”
“Amazing experience, if not completely addicting. It'll change how people listen to music”
“Woojer delivers intense immersion, allowing players to feel games, literally… enhances gaming like never before”
"It makes Virtual Reality a bit less virtual…vibrates you right into VR"
“Are you ready to really rock your body? It’s time to feel your music”
"Peels Off The Higher-Frequency Sounds And Finds A Smart Place To Put The Barrier Between Sounds You Hear, And Those You Feel."
“Woojer Vest will rock your virtual world – literally”
"We can’t overstate the level of realism achieved by Vest. It completely immerses you into any experience allowing you to live in worlds that do not exist"
"Gaming is now ready to get an extra layer of authenticity”
“It's a new consumer wearable that offers an innovative technique…previously experienced only in theaters”
"Then I put on the Vest and y’all - it’s a literal game changer...and it's an extremely comfortable beast"
"This is one of those moments where you feel something hit your skin and you immediately recall that sensation. It was awesome"
"Woojer vibes the beat into your body"
Sound literally takes shape with completely complimentary perceptions that'll make movies, music, video games, and VR experience even more engaging.
"You don't really recognize what you're missing when it's just the sound. when it's no vibe.
“Makes first-person shooters much more exciting”

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